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School of History
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DING Haibin
2016-12-07 11:19  

DING Haibin, is a PhD in philosophy, a professor and a tutor to the postgraduates in History School and the principal of the first-level discipline of library and information science and archival science at Liaoning University. He served as associate librarian in the library of Liaoning University, the dean of the Institute of History and Culture, the dean of Continuing Education School. He is a member of the Teaching Instruction Committee of Chinese Scientific and Technological History, a member of the sixth Committee of the Chinese Archival Council, a member of the Basic Theory Council, a communicating juryman and achievement appraisal expert in the National Society and Science Fund Committee and an expert in outstanding postgraduate thesis evaluation of the Degree Center in the Ministry of Education; a member of academic editorial board of Books and Newspaper Data Center at Renmin University, a judge of Social Science Fund Committee in Liaoning Province, the vice director of the fifth Council of Liaoning Provincial Archival Committee and of other academic positions.

His main academic fields are archives and philology, history, philosophy of science and technology. His academic works are as followed:

1. A History of Ancient Chinese Secondary Capitals

2. Research on Shengjing, the Secondary Capital in the Qing Dynasty

3. A Study on the Formation and Structure of the Officer Group of Science and Technology in the Qing Dynasty,

4. A History of Chinese Science and Technology Archives

5. A Research on the Remains of the Ancient Chinese Science and Technology Archives and Their Cultural, Scientific and Technological Value

6. A History of Ancient Chinese Literature of Science and Technology

7. A Philosophical and Historical Study of Archival Science

8. An Introduction to Archival ScienceElectronic Records Management Foundation and so on, altogether are more than 30 academic monographs and textbooks, more than 200 academic articles, more than 20 National Social Science Fund projects and plans of the Ministry of Education undertaken and completed.

Office Phone: 024-62602436 

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