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School of History
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JIN Ying
2016-12-07 11:23  

JIN Ying, a professor at History School of Liaoning University, received B.A. and M.A. in Liaoning University in 1988 and 1991, a PhD in Seoul National University in 2003.

Her research interests include regional history of modern Manchuria, modern history of the relationships among China, Japan and Korea, modern history of China. Her main research achievements are as follows,

1. Study on the History of Water Conservancy of Northeast China, Social Sciences Academic Press of China, 2012

2. Study on the Modern History of Paddy Fields of Northeast China, Social Sciences Academic Press of China, 2007

3. The Rice Plantation of Modern Manchuria and Korean Immigrants, South Korea Chinese Classic Materials Publishing House, 2004.

4. Study on the Introduction of Rice to China and Its Impact, Agricultural History of China, vol.3, 2010

5. Irrigation and Water Conservancy Disputes of Modern Liaoning Province and the Government’s Principles of Mediation, Social Science Journal, vol.6, 2010

6. Permeation of Japan on Paddy Field Agriculture of Northeast China and the Strategies of Local Government, Japanese Studies, vol.4, 2009

7. Study on the Irrigation and Water Conservancy Policies of Fengtian Province during the Period of the Republic of China, Liaoning University Journal, vol.1, 2010

8. The Rice Transmission of Liaoning Province and the Korean Immigrant Society (1875—1931),  Korean Studies, vol. 21, 2009.11. (Core academic journal of Korea, ISSN 1225-469X)

9. On the Development of Modern Paddy Field Agriculture of Liaoning Province and the Formation of Korean Immigrant Society, Manchu Studies, vol.4, 2007 (Dec., 2007).


Email: ldjinying@sohu.com13332455231@163.com

Tel: 86-024-62602436

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