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XIE Di, Dean of Liaoning University School of economics, second-grade Professor, doctoral tutor. Over the years, he has been committed to Chinese socialist political economics theory, and has concerned about the research of northeast old industrial base and the state-owned enterprise reform for a long time. He is a famous economist in the field of domestic political economics and industrial economics research. The preparation of the political economics textbook is the refined textbook in the country. Publishing a total of nearly 200 thousand copies, it is one of the representatives of the domestic political economics textbooks, which has a wide influence. His dozens of works published in recent years such as identity and status of state-owned economy, economics analysis of Chinese dream, guide the supply side structural with Marx political economics, market economy and market economy with Chinese characteristics in the context of Marx, Discussing the existing form, carrier form and realizing form of public ownership and so on , involving the main aspects of development of the Chinese characteristic theory of socialist political economy. He has made a unique contribution and has been widely recognized by peers on; About the economic intensive growth relationship of optimizing industrial organization, he revealed the intrinsic mechanism of realizing the transformation of economic development mode in China and the correct path; About the study on the monopoly industry development of state-owned economy reform and the reform of government regulation interactive theory ", he put forward the correct direction of deepening the reform of monopoly industries in China; His study on the’ combining of the monopoly supervision mechanism, system and function’ is so far the most comprehensive summary on regulatory reform of monopoly industry, outlining the next way of regulatory reform in monopoly industry; on the supply side to structural reforms to promote the overall revitalization of northeast old industrial base of the doctrinal interpretation and implementation path problems, he tightly combined with the actual situation of the northeast, which has important theoretical significance and reference value in the northeast old industrial base to promote the comprehensive revitalization policy, and has been appraised as "the study system" (said by Chang Xiuze Professor of Macroeconomic Research Institute of national development , academic commissioner in Chinese Reform Committee , deputy director of the Northeast revitalization of the Institute of experts committee) in 2016 Northeast Revitalization Forum and so on.

On July 8, 2016, he was invited to participate the forum of experts on the economic situation which was presided over by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the CPC, the president of China and Chairman of Central Military Commission, and spoke on the economic situation in the northeast and the reform of state-owned enterprises, which was approved by the government.