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ZHAO Deqi, a professor at school of Economics, doctor tutor.He completed Ph.D  in National Economics in 2008 at Liaoning Universty,China. The research interests include institution theory and rural land property rights institution.

The main research achievements are as follows:

(1)Zhao Deqi,Lin Muxi,”Short Slab”theory of Institution Efficiencies,China Industrial Economy,2008(10),53-62.

(2)Zhao Deqi,A theoretical study on the formation mehanism,break through path and the construction of the governance system of “institution bottleneck”,economist,2013(3)5-11.

(3) Zhao Deqi,The Theory of  Contract Efficiency from Contract Completeness Perspective,China Industrial Economy,2014(12),90-103.

(4) Zhao Deqi,Wu Yunyong,The Theory and Policies of Agricultural Land Use Rights Exchange in China Rural Area under the Government’s Perspective,Issues in Agricultural Economy,2011(7),36-49.

(5) Zhao Deqi,Lin Muxi,Research on the Relationship between the Government Constraint and the Farmers’ Income,Economic Perspectives,2013(10),36-48.

(6) Zhao Deqi,the Study of Chinese Rural Economic Organization Development from the Perspective of Power Allocation,Contract Maturity,Government Constraints,Economic Theory and Business Management,2013(4),100-112.

(7) Zhao Deqi,Yao Mingming,the Relationship between Farmers’ Rights Allocation and Income Growth ,Economic Theory and Business Management,2014(11),82-100.

(8) Zhao Deqi,Wang Yang,Allocating Farm Land through Market:From the Perspective of Contract and Property Rights,Comparative Economics and Social Systems,2008(1),26-32.

(9) Zhao Deqi,On the Theory of Land Using Right Transfer in China Rural Area and Path Choice,Research on Finanicial and Economic Issues,2007(3),74-80.

(10) Zhao Deqi, Economic Analysis on the Efficiency of Rural Land Property Right Institution in China,Economic Science Press,2010.

(11) Zhao Deqi, A study on the Relationship between Power Allocation,Contract Maturity,Government Constraints and the farmers' income growth, Economic Science Press,2016.