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MA Shucai

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

MA Shucai, professor of Liaoning University, the Statistics, Quantitative Economics, National Economics Doctoral tutor , the Director of Statistics and Economic Analysis Research Statistics School , Director of Statistics and Econometric Analysis Research Center of Liaoning University, the Director of Statistics Department of Statistics School, Doctor of Science Degree Leader of Chinese Statistical Society, Executive Director of China Quantitative Economic Association and the Vice President of Higher Education Management Branch of China Association for Optimization of Law and Economics .In 1997 by the State Council has made outstanding contributions to the government experts. His main research direction is modern statistical and econometric analysis model and method and its application in macroeconomics.

He published 24 house monographs and teaching materials in the economic science, Jilin people, Liaoning science and technology, Liaoning University. In the international academic conference, he published nearly 100 articles at home and abroad above the provincial level academic journal. He host and cooperate more than 60 items in the completion of the National Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, Ministry of Education planning, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Department of education, Bureau of Statistics, Department of Communications, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Statistics and other projects. There are nearly 50 research projects, works and papers from the National Bureau of Statistics Science and Technology Progress and other scientific and technological progress 2,3 prize, the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government Science and Technology Progress Award 1,2,Liaoning province, outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences 2,3 Award(Government Award),Shenyang Municipal People’s Government Science and Technology Progress Award and other awards, Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Statistics outstanding scientific research achievements 1,2,3 and other awards.