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ZHANG Guiwen

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

ZHANG Guiwen,Professor, Ph.D of economics, doctorial tutor on political economics and labor economics, is a member of the Liaoning University Academic Council, an academic leader of the university, a standing councilor of China Society of Economic Laws, vice chairwoman of Liaoning Society of Productivity, awarded as Star Teacher of Liaoning Province in 2008, and invited as guest professor by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Prof. Zhang Guiwen has published more than 70 academic articles in such magazines as theoretical section of People’s Daily, theoretical section of the Guangming Daily,  Management World, Chinese Journal of Population Science and soon and 5 academic books on such issues as China reform and development, dual economy structure transition, price theories and practices, and so on. She has hosted and completed more than 10 scientific research programs funded by National Social Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, Sino-Germany Cooperation and soon. The research on Effect of Dual Economic Structure Transition on Income Distribution and the research on Discussion over Lewis Turning Point under Dual Transition and Dynamic Evolution have respectively received the first prize of the 11st. and 13rd. Philosophy and Social Science Academic Achievement awarded by Liaoning Province. The research on Strategies and Solutions to China’S Three Rural Issues has received the third prize of the 9th. Philosophy and Social Science Academic Achievement awarded by Liaoning Province. The undergoing research she hosts at present is a major project named as China’S Dual Economic Transition under Perspective of Institutional Evolutions, supported by National Social Science Foundation.