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NIE Rong

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

NIE Rong, female, professors at Liaoning University of Economic.She is the doctoral tutor of technical economics and management of professional and technical economics. PhD in management Science and Engineering from Northeastern University. Postdoctoral in Agricultural Economics and Management from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Visiting Scholar at the Cornell University School of Agricultural Economics.As the Ministry of education of humanities and social science research project evaluation expert.

Nie Rong has long been engaged in agricultural economic research. Research interests include agricultural risk control and management, policy agricultural insurance, rural poverty and poverty alleviation, farmers’consumption and income issues. She has undertaken more 20research projects at national and provincial level. She has conducted research on international and provincial level. She has conducted research on international cooperation projects and national research projects, including participation in the World Bank Technical Cooperation and National Agricultural Policy Open Laboratory Research Project and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Presided over the Ministry of educational of humanities and social science planning fund project two; presided over a number of Liaoning Province Natural Science Fund Project and the Liaoning Provincial Social Science Fund project research work; prevised over the Liaoning Provincial Department of education base project and the Liaoning Provincial Department of education General project,presided over the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of the two scientific research projects and the Liaoning Provincial Association of Social Sciences Research project.

Professor Nie Rong published more than 50 academic paper, published in the Control and Decision,Systems Engineering ,Systems Engineering Theory and Application, Journal of Systems Engineering, Operations and management, Management Engineering Journal of Northeastern University(Social Science Edition), Journal of Finance and Trade Research, Mathematical Practice and Understanding. Journal of Northeastern University(Natural Science Edition), Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economic Research, Agricultural Technology Economics, Statistics and decision-making, agricultural system science and comprehensive research, Northwest A & F University, consumer research, Journal of Liaoning University and other periodicals. The paper the transfer of agricultural surplus labor force in the appropriate size and optimal control published in the control and decision-making was accepted by EI. Published in the Management Engineering Journal , the paper technological innovation response diffusion model got the ward of the Liaoning Province Natural Science Academic achievement Award, and a number of access to the outstanding achievement award of Liaoning provincial natural science and statistical research .