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LI Wei

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

LI Wei, syndic of The Insurance Institute of China, acts as the director of insurance department in Liaoning University School of Economics, as well as a finance PhD, master instructor.

Over the years has been committed to the study of insurance risk management and preventionsocial insurance research. She has attributed to the first monograph specialized in medical insurance in our country Medical Insurance in 1995,and monographs, Research of China's Life Insurance and Prevention Research of China's Life Insurance Risk under the Perspective of Subprime Crisis, as well as a series of papers about insurance risk management and prevention. She presided the national social science fund projects, and put forward to countermeasures over the relevant insurance risk prevention, and causes great responses in academia. And twice won the second prize and third prize of Liaoning Province Philosophy Social Sciences and many other awards.