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YANG Yuxia

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YANG Yuxia Associate Professor and postgraduates supervisor.

Strong academic background in the field of governmental budgeting, public finance, taxation, and Economics.

Selected Publications


Yang, Y. 2011. China’s Government Budgetary Reformations and the Reform Evaluation. BeijingBeijing Normal University Press.


Yang, Y. 2015. Activate Financial Stock Funds: the Opportunity to Resolve the Deep Contradictions of the Public Budget Reform. Sub National Fiscal Research 9:45-51.

Yang, Y. 2014. The Monetary Effect of Treasury Cash Balance. Sub National Fiscal Research 2:23-26.

Yang, Y. 2012. Investigation and Inspiration of the Fiscal Budget Management System of Republic of Korea. Northeast Asia Forum 6:82-90.

Yang, Y. 2010. The Function of Fiscal Budget Policy in Korean Autonomous Innovation. Journal of North-East Asia Studies 2:37-41.

Yang, Y. 2009. Construction and Empirical Analysis of Government Budget Performance Appraising System in Liaoning Province. Sub National Fiscal Research 5:48-53.

Yang, Y. 2008. The Realistic Position of Government Procurement Function in China. Journal of Liaoning University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition 5:122-127.

Yang, Y. 2007. The Enlightenment of Foreign Government Budget Theories to China’s Governmental Budget Reform. Chongqing Social Sciences 4:14-16.

Yang, Y. 2007. Appraising for the Economic Effect of Government Budget Reform in China. Journal of Liaoning University (Natural Sciences Edition) 3:257-260.

Yang, Y. 2007. The Selection for Government Budget Reform Path in China. Tribune of Social Sciences 3:124-126.


Yang, Y. Liaoning Government Budget Reform Performance Evaluation. The 11th Liaoning Province (2007-2008) Research Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science Award(Governmental Honor), 2010.7.

Email: yangyux@126.com