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GAO Yiyun

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GAO Yiyun,Associate Professor

Research Interests

1. The American enterprises growth and funding system during 1800-1900

2. The effects of Chinese cultures on enterprises growth in 19th century.

3. Chinese economic issues in resent years


1. Award of ' Middle-aged and young elite teachers' by Liaoning University, 2008.

2. Award of ' Outstanding Young Teachers Under the age of 35 ‘by Liaoning University, 2007

Main Publications

1. Gao Yiyun, Culture, Institutional Performance and Path Dependence of Shanxi Merchants during Ming and Qing Dynasties, Economic Science Press,December 1, 2011

2. Yang Zhou, Gao Yiyun. Analysis and Research on Compulsory Institutional Change of Venture Capital in China, Journal of Guizhou University( Social Sciences), 2011, 3: 60-63.

3. Han Yi, Gao Yiyun. On the Raising of Liaoning SOE Restructuring Rehabilitation Funds——An Analysis from the Perspective of Capital Market Financing, Journal of Liaoning University( Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2010, 6: 121-126.

4. Zhang Mingxi, Gao Yiyun. The Theoretic and Positive Study of Non-linear Effect of Fiscal Policy in China, Finance and Trade Research, 2008, 5: 56-63.

5. Gao Yinyun. SOE Path Selection of Diversified Equity Reform in Liaoning Province, Liaoning Economy, 2008, 12: 16-17.

6. Gao Yiyun, Jiang Ping. Measures of Fiscal Transparency and Improvement Strategies in China, Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, 2007, 2: 1-5

7. Gao Yiyun, Zhao Xiaochuan. Empirical Analysis of China's Fiscal Expenditure and Output Relations, Productivity Research, 2007, 9: 37-39.

8. Jia Hongbo, Gao Yiyun. Counting the Substitution Rate of the Basic Pension Based on the Pareto Improvement Model, Population and Development, 2007, 1: 56-62.

9. Gao Yiyun, Liu Wei, Zhao Xiaochuan. Recommendations of 30 Classic Investment Books, Beijing Industrial University Press, January 2006.

Email: yiyungao@sina.com