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SONG Junqing

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SONG Junqing,associate professor

Highest Academic Degree: Ph.D. in Economics

Work unit: School of Economics, Liaoning University

Specialty areas

(1) Microeconomics & Macroeconomics

(2) New Institutional Economics

(3) Regulation Economics

(4) Law and Economics

(5) Development Economics

Main Research Achievements

(1) Song JunqingResearch on Reform of Regulatory System in China’s Banking Industry [M]. Peking: Economic Science Press, 2012. Complete independently.

(2) Song Junqing. Research of Regulation Externality from the View of Regulator’s “Proactive Capture” [J].China Business and Market, 2007(12). First author. [CSSCI, National Chinese core journals]

(3) Song Junqing. The Research on the Regulative Barriers to Entry in China s Banking Industry [J]. Journal of Liaoning University (Philosophy and Social Sciences)2007 (2). Complete independently. [NationalChinese core journals]

(4) Song Junqing. Evolvement of the Western Theory of Justice and Challenges to Reform of Chinese Government Regulation [J]. Journal of Shenyang Normal University (Social Science Edition), three in 2008. First author. [National core journals of Humanities and Social Sciences]

(5) Song Junqing. A New Perspective of the Theory of the Regulatory Capture: Regulation Plunder [J].Journal of Shenyang Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2007 (3). First author. [National core journals of Humanities and Social Sciences]

(6) Song Junqing. Research on the Reform of Government Regulation in northeast old industrial base [J].Journal of Shenyang Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2006(5). Complete independently. [National core journals of Humanities and Social Sciences]

E-mail: sjunqing@lnu.edu.cn