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Mu Lijie

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Mu Lijie, an associate- professor at school of Economics, Liaoning University received B.S. degree in Finance from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 1999 and received M.S. degree in Finance in 2004.She completed her Ph.D in Finance in 2009 at liaoning University, China.

The research interests include the Development and Innovation of Financial institutions.

The main research achievements are as follows,

1. Mu, L.-J. (2015). “The Analysis on the Ways of Achieving the Mutual Benefits between Commercial Banks and Internet Finance”, International Finance, Beijing, China.

2. Mu, L.-J.(2014). “Chinese Path Selection in Participating in and Promoting Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia Regions”, International Finance, Beijing, China.

3. Mu, L.-J. (2013). “The Strategy Selection of the Regional Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia”  China Business & TradeBeijing, china.

4.Mu, L.-J. (2012). “The Research on the application of the micro credit technology and Financial Support in University Students' Innovative Undertaking” International Finance, Beijing, China.

5.Mu, L.-J. (2011). “The Strategy on the Location Selection and Development Level of Chinese Regional Financial Center” International Finance, Beijing, China.

6.Mu, L.-J. (2011) . “The Correlation Analysis on Capital Structure Optimization and Risk Prevention of Chinese Commercial Banks” China Urban EconomyBeijing, China

7.“Studies of Chinese Unbalanced Development of Regional Finance” (Doctoral Dissertation).

Economic Science Press, Beijing, China, August 2013.

8.“The guidelines on the Financing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” (coauthor)           Jindun Press, Beijing, China, October 2009.

9.“General Finance” (coauthor, National Key Basic Research Project) Liaoning University Press, Shenyang, China, May 2011

10.  “Research on the innovation and development of rural banks in China”,(PI),Project Supported by National Social Science Foundation,2012

11.“Research on Regional Financial Cooperation in Northeast Asia”(PI),Project Supported by Northeast Asia Regional Open and Collaborative Innovation Center for Northeast Asia, Liaoning Province,2014.

12.“Research on the Talent Cultivating Mode of International Economics and Trade”(Co-PI),Project Supported by Higher Educational Achievement Prize in Liaoning Province,2009

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