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DU Wei

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DU Wei, a associate professor at School of Economics, Liaoning University, received B.S. And M.S. degrees in Economics in 1996 and 2001 respectively, both from Liaoning Univeristy. She completed her Ph.D in National Economic Management in 2006 at Liaoning University, China. 

The research interests include Public Finance. The main research achievements are as follows,

1. DU Wei

How to Improve the Debt Management of Local Government,

Guangming Daily May 21, 2014 15th Edition.

2. DU Wei, 

On Debt Risk of Local Government —A Sustainable View, Journal of  Dongbei University of Finance and Economics(2007)No. 5, 43-46.

3.DU Wei.

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4.Su Dongyi, Du Wei

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5.Du Wei, Yao Jian

Prevention on Fiscal Risk, Sub National Fiscal Research(2006) No. 2, 31-33.

6.Du Wei

A Research on the Securitization of Local Government Debt, Journal of LiaoDong Unuiversity(2006) No. 2, 95-98.

7. Du Wei, Zhao Yangliang

The Fiscal Policy to Guide the Development of Automobile Industry, Journal of Liaoning Administration College(2006) No. 3, 44-45.

8.Du Wei

 Characteristics of Fiscal risk, Review of Economic Research(2006) No.39, 14.

9.Du Wei . Zhao Yangliang

Analysis of Financing Predicament of Urban Infrastructure, liaoning Economy(2006) No.5, 37.

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