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PAN Min,Associate Professor


Ph.D., Econometrics, Liaoning University, 2010

Concentrations: Macro-econometrics, Multivariate Statistics Analysis, Welfare economics

Dissertation: The Study on Effectiveness of Monetary Transmission Mechanism during Transition Times in China

M.A., Econometrics, Liaoning University, 2005

B.A, Finance, Business School of Jilin University, 2002

Journal articles in Chinese:

Pan Min and Wang Lei. “Study on the influence factors of social welfare satisfaction of urban residents, ” Statistics and Decision,2014(24)

Pan Min. “ Research on the factors of the credit transmission mechanism of monetary policy based on the conduction object,” Journal of Social Science,2012(6)

Pan Min and Wang Lei. “The measurement of the minimum living security level of rural residents and the economic adaptability research - Based on the macro data analysis of 31 provinces in China, ” Journal of Liaoning University,2015(5)

Pan Min and Wang Lei. “ Economic adaptability of urban residents' minimum living security level in china, ” Journal of Social Science,2015(3)

Zhangwan Qiang and Pan Min. “ An empirical analysis on the development of the financial policy of the equipment manufacturing industry, ” Research on the Financial and Economic Issues,2015(7)

Pan Min and Wang Lei. “Main problems and suggestions in the construction of social assistance system in Liaoning Province, ” Liaoning economy,2010(9)

Pan Min. “ The route and choice of developing modern agriculture -A Study on the modern agriculture in Liaoning based on Panel Data,” The party and government cadres, 2011(4)


Pan Min. Econometrics training course, Liaoning University press, Shenyang,2009.8

Research Experience:

2004.6-2004.12,Diploma(master) work with Prof. Mashu Cai. “ National Bureau of Statistics Study on the monitoring system of China's modernization process.” Establish an index system for modernization and assess China’s modernization process.

2005.6-2007.10, Ph.D. with Prof. Mashu Cai. “The investment of infrastructure construction in Liaoning province and its effect analysis.” Evaluation model of investment effect.

2007.6-2009.12, Design questionnaire, PPS survey in Liaoning Province and construct the operating mode of the Minimum Living Standard Security System for National philosophy and social science planning project “Research on the survival and development of the whole people living and poverty groups in the period of social transformation.”

2011.6-2015.9, Design questionnaire, construct social welfare index system and make data analysis for National philosophy and social science planning project “A study on the construction of appropriate inclusive social welfare system based on welfare demand.”

2014.6-2016.12, As the principal of National philosophy and social science planning project: “The construction of China's rural minimal assurance system in the perspective of social developmental policies. ” Complete the following tasks: project development organization, general program design, Assessment of rural living conditions, questionnaire design, module detailed design and coding, main data analysis, etc.

Awards and Honors:

"Experimental teaching and management excellence award", 2014.12

"Liaoning Province, the first prize of the seventh Statistical Science Research 2010.5

Placed third in "Market survey and analysis competition for Liaoning Province ordinary university undergraduate students ", 2014

Email:    pandapan1979@163.com

Tel: 86-24-62602458