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LI Yinan
2020-07-12 15:56  

LI Yinan is a lecturer in the Department of Marxism with Chinese characteristics at the Liaoning University. She was born in 1977 and graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the Liaoning University in 2000, in the same year, she obtained a master's degree in "the scientific socialism and the international communist movement" from the Liaoning University of Marxist-leninist Education, education and research department. Her main research area was "the international Communist Movement" . In 2003, after graduating from the master's degree, she stayed on to teach. She has been engaged in the undergraduate teaching of the course "introduction to the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and Maoism" in the Marxist institute. The motto in Teaching is "Kiss your teacher and trust her way" . Through several years of teaching exploration, has formed a set of "equality, democracy" , "kind, peaceful" teaching style. The classroom teaching is interesting, novel, relaxed, the teacher and student feelings blend, the relation is harmonious. In addition to the extensive use of audio-visual materials in classroom teaching, a second classroom has also been developed on a network platform, which combines text, sound, graphics, animation, video and other information into one, improve students' interest in learning, the "three into" work really put into practice, by students and teachers of widespread praise.

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