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LI Dandan
2020-07-12 16:09  

LI Dandan, female, born in 1982, Han nationality, party member of the Communist Party of China, doctoral candidate, lecturer. The research direction is cultural inheritance and innovation and ideological and political education. At present, she teaches the course of situation and policy, and once taught the undergraduate courses of College Students' career planning, Entrepreneurship foundation and college students' employment and Entrepreneurship guidance.She has won the first prize of Liaoning ideological and political course teacher courseware competition,The first prize of Shenyang ideological and political course teaching plan competition, The second prize of Liaoning University Counselor blog competition, The second prize of the school level selection competition of the second Liaoning university career development and employment guidance course teaching competition,The outstanding counselor of Liaoning University military training, The outstanding instructor of Liaoning University Social Practice in summer, and The "contemporary" award The Marx prize forum is the two prize of the excellent paper on the in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of Xi Jinping's series speech. The three prize is "the first prize for excellence in Liaoning University and the 90th anniversary theoretical research paper commemorating the founding of the Communist Party of China".

Main scientific research achievements: Presided over 1 project of Liaoning Province; Presided over 6 municipal and school level projects; Participated in 6 projects of the Ministry of education and provincial level; Published 12 academic papers as the first author; Participated in the compilation of 3 works; Participated in the compilation of 1 textbook.

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