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CHENG Jiaoyan
2020-07-10 10:14  

CHENG Jiaoyan

2003-Now College of Foreign Studies Liaoning University English teacher

Research Interests:I have an interest in English language & culture teaching methodology, cross-cultural English teaching, teaching of English writing &translating, curriculum and assessment in English classroom.

Teaching Contributions:

English WritingUndergraduates     English and American StoriesUndergraduates 

Basic EnglishUndergraduates       Translation Workshop (Graduates)

English Teaching Methodology and Practice (Graduates)

Grant Funded Projects

1. “Study of Faulkner’s Works and Southern American Cultural Relationship” supported by Social Science Foundation of Liaoning Province (Dec.2013-Dec.2017), Funded agency: Education Department of Liaoning Province, L13DWW015.

2. “Research on the Characteristics and Teaching Objectives of English Majors in Translation Studies” supported by Liaoning Province Education Science Planning Project (Jun.2014-Jun.2015), Funded agency: Education Department of Liaoning Province, JG13DB214.

3. “Research on the New Mode of College English Teaching under the Network Environment” supported by Liaoning Province Education Science Planning Project

(Jun.2011-Jun.2012), Funded agency: Education Department of Liaoning Province, JG11DB165.

4. “Western Social Change and Literary Construction in the 20th Century” supported by Liaoning Provincial Higher Education Research Project (Jun.2010-Jun.2014), Funded agency: Education Department of Liaoning Province, W2010183.

Selected Publications

1. On Norris and Industrialization, Journal of Liaoning University, 2011, 166-167.

2. Interpretation of Liaoning’s Industrialization Process from the Perspective of American Naturalism Represented by Norris, Journal of Liaoning Radio and TV University, 2012(4), 81-82.

3. The Enlightenment of Faulkner’s Works on the Development of Liaoning’s Characteristic Culture, Journal of Tomorrow’ Tendency, 2016, 78-79.

4. Faulkner and the Construction of the Southern American Characteristic Culture, Journal of Yalu River 2016, 77-78.

5. Substitution and Construction: Interpretation of The Glass Menagerie from the Perspective of Queer Theory, Journal of Shenyang Normal University, 2017, 106-109.

6. The Paradigm Shift of Cross-cultural Teaching -- Taking the Teaching Design of Simultaneous Interpretation as an Example, Journal of Think Tank Era, 2019(1) 10-11.

7. Feminist Interpretation of Wilde’s The Ideal Husband, Journal of Peony, 2019, 58-59.

8. Research on College English Writing Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication, Journal of Liaoning Radio and TV University, 2019(1), 63-66.

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