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HU Sheng
2016-12-13 10:42  

HU Sheng (born in 1969), a doctoral supervisor in College of Liberal Arts, Liaoning University, obtained his Master Degree of Arts from Liaoning University in 1995 and the Doctor Degree from Beijing Normal University in 1998. Now Hu is teaching in Liaoning University as a senior professor (Second-Rate) and taking concurrent posts as the director of Social and Scientific Research Department in Liaoning University, a director of China Institution on The Romans of the Three Kingdoms, an executive director of China Institution on The Scholars and the chairman of Liaoning Institution on Chinese Culture.

Awarded as “Liaoning Distinguished Professor” and “New Century Excellent Talents in University” for relevant teaching and research on Novels and Operas in Yuan-Ming-Qing Dynasties, also on the Manchu Literature, Hu has offered a series of courses for undergraduates and postgraduates like History of Chinese Literature, Guidance to the Literary Classics, Research on God Evil Spirit Novels of Ming-Qing Dynasties, Research on A Dream in Red Mansions, History of Chinese Ancient Novels, History of Chinese Traditional Operas and Research on Martial Arts Novels. 

Meanwhile, Hu in succession published several academic monographs and thesis, some of which won the second and third prizes of the Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences Prize of Liaoning Government, such as Study on the God Evil Spirit Novels of Ming-Qing Dynasties published by China Social Science Press in 2004, A Brief History of Fantasy Novels published by Shanxi People's Publishing House in 2005, Academic Analysis on Journey to the West published by Unity Press in 2007 and Selected Novels of Ming-Qing Dynasties published by Higher Education Press in 2007. In addition, more than 20 academic thesis have been published on newspapers and core journals like Guangming Daily, Literary Heritage, The Documentat, Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies, Social Science Journal, Studies on "A Dream of Red Mansions" and Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences). Furthermore, Hu also conducted several research projects, such as the National Social Science Fund Project, Cross-Text Research on Journey to the West (10BZW051), the NCET (New Century Excellent Talents in University) Supporting Project, Research on the comments of Journey to the West (NCET-12-1011) and National Institution of Universities on Ancient Books Collation Project, Collation and Proofreading of Comments on Journey to the West, etc. The main research achievements are as follows,

    1. A Preliminary Exploration on the MinZhaiTang-Version of the Journey to the West, Literature Heritage(2008)2:152-155

    2. Study on HuaiMing’s criticism of the Journey to the West, The Documentation(2007)2:188-191

    3. Ancient Chinese Novels under the Perspective of Ethics, Social Science Front(2013)3:155-159

    4. Study on the “Red Mansions” Drama of XunHuiSheng, Studies on A Dream of Red Mansions(2012)3:260-273

5. Homologous and Heterogeneous: on Two Sequels of Three Kingdoms, The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies(2003)3:62-73

    In view of achievements above, Hu has been awarded, since 2006, as Liaoning Outstanding Young Teachers, Liaoning Outstanding Talents for Department of  Education, University Academic Leaders of Liaoning and Candidate for “Hundred Level” in the Liaoning Talents Project of Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand. In 2010, Hu was engaged as the Young Consultancy Expert of Liaoning Government for Decision-Making.

    Email: hsz50718@sina.com

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