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LI Fangning
2016-12-13 11:04  

Name: Li Fangning

Position: Director of Art and Design Department in College of Liberal Arts from Liaoning UniversityMaster TutorMember of China Artists AssociationDirector of China Design AssociationNational member of China Packaging Federation.

Title: Professor

Nationality: Han nationality

Current working location: Shenyang, Liaoning

Email: 251980@qq.com



National or international art exhibitions and competitions selected or awarded: 

1.In 2008Two Ducks”, the highest award of National Traditional Chinese Realistic Paintings Competition for Harmonious Country held by China Artists Association.

2. On December 14, 2017, the work "Among Flowers" won the gold award of the teachers' group of traditional Chinese painting works in the third cross strait three places Art Design Invitation Exhibition of the Guoyibei Award;

3. On March 20, 2018, the work "Poster of Chinese ink painting exhibition" won the silver award of the third "Bauhaus Award" international design competition college group; 

4. On December 14, 2017, the work "Visual design of Chinese Painting Exhibition" won the silver award of the teachers' group of Visual communication works in the third cross strait three places Art Design Invitation Exhibition of the Guoyibei Award;

5. In 2003, the work " A Harmonious Union Lasting A Hundred Years" was selected into the National contemporary flower and bird painting art exhibition of China Artists Association;

6. In 2006, the work " The Garden of Paradise " was selected into The sixth national traditional chinese realistic painting Exhibition of China Artists Association; 

7. In 2008, the work "Overlapping and Crimson " was selected into The seventh national traditional chinese realistic painting Exhibition of China Artists Association; 

8. In 2010, the work Red Smartweeds Sleeping in Butterflies " participated in the 2010 national fine brushwork exhibition ofBeautiful Spring Scenery; 

9. In 2011, the work "Blossom of Gold Lotus in Heart " was selected into the eighth national fine brushwork Exhibition of China Artists Association;

10. On January 20, 2018, the work "creative calendar design of traditional Chinese painting" won the silver award of China Creative Design Yearbook 2016 / 2017.



Books published:

1.Dewdrops of Youth — Collection of Li Fangning’ Works, Jilin Fine Arts Press; 

2.Famous Painters’ Painting Manuscript — Birds and Flowers of Traditional Chinese Paintings, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House; 

3.Basic Course of Chinese Realistic Painting—Water Lily, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House;

4.Campus POP Posters Material Library, Liaoning Science and Technology Press;

5.Twenty-eight Methods of Advertising Creative Design, textbook, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House.



Individual painting exhibition, joint exhibition and art exchange activities: i

In June 2004, Urban Flower Language - Li Fangning’s Art Exhibition was held in Shenyang "Oriental Gallery";

In October 2010, Multicolored Decorations—Li Fangning’s Art Exhibition was held on Xiaoyun Road in Beijing;

From April to may, 2009, went to Russia on behalf of Liaoning University to participate in the exchange activities of the Chinese culture year;

In October 2010, The Fragrance of Spring Flowers Fulfilling Steams was exhibited by China and South Korea Art Exhibition and published;

In 2010, participate in the activity for 2010 One Hundred Painters Get Together around Emperor Yan Mausoleum. Peach Blossom and Shovellers was printed in Emperor Yan’s Painting Vessel and the name was engraved into merit monument of Emperor Yan Mausoleum;

In September 2013, six painting works were exhibited for the Opening Ceremony of Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Pingzhou and China First Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Pingzhou. Fragrance of Spring Water was collected and exhibited forever;

In September 2013, Deep Fragrance in the Room and Lily and Two Butterflies joined 798 the First Biennial Exhibition of Wide Space;

In October 2013, five painting works were chosen by the Walking Together and Ten Persons’ Art Exhibition held by Shenyang Library and Liaoning Academy of Chinese Painting;

In October 2014, the Autograph Session of Dewdrops of Youth —— Exhibition of Li Fangning’s Paintings was held in Shenyang Store of Heaven and Earth Of North Book City.

In November 2014, Dewdrops of Youth·Shining—Li Fangning’s Art Exhibition was held in Hua Shang Gallery;

In December 2014, Ink Dancing in Mist, Poetry in Music—Li Fangning’s Art Exhibition was held in Shenyang Library;  

In April 2015, Simple Lines and Light Meanings, Drawing Late before Flowers—Li Fangning’s Art Exhibition was held in Beishi Gallery of Shenyang;

In August 2015, Breeze of Link and Paintings— Li Fangning’s Fans Exhibition was held by Xiangshuihai Gallery of Shenyang;

In November 2015, three works were invited to participate in the "travling letters 2015" International Art Triennial held in Vilnius, Lithuania.



Scientific research project:

1. Project host of the Ministry of education, the project name is "The Construction of Entrepreneurial Quality Model of Chinese College Students and Empirical Research ", which was approved as the 2010 Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of education for Humanities and social sciences research.(Project Approval Number : 10YJC880064)

2. Project host of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of statistics, project name is “A quantitative study on the competitiveness of Liaoning's cultural industry”, which was approved by Liaoning statistical science research plan project,in 2010. (Project Approval Number: LX10-10)

3. Project Name: Research and Practice On The Construction of Teaching Materials For Innovation And Entrepreneurship Education And Art Design, approved by Liaoning Provincial Department of education in 2016 provincial undergraduate education reform project, hold the post of the project host.( Project Number: 辽教办发 (2015) 206)

4. Project Name: Research and Practice On The Construction of Teaching Materials For Innovation And Entrepreneurship Education And Art Design, approved as the Sixth Batch of key undergraduate teaching reform projects of Liaoning University, hold the post of the project host. Project NumberJG2016ZD0011, January 2016;

5. The 2018 teaching reform research project of Liaoning University, which was approved in April 2019, "The Practical Role of Creative Visual Culture Experimental Teaching Center In Innovation And Entrepreneurship Education" is a real problem special project, hold the post of the project host.




Guiding college students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects:

1. Project Name: Feasibility and Practice of Campus O2O, national level, host: Li Yaowen.(Project Number:D201904151941022199)

2. Project Name: The Development and Design of Cultural and Creative Product Shengjing Wumei, host: Wang Yuebing, won the bronze award of the 5th Liaoning Internet + college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition.(Project Number: LNHLW2019197)

3. Project Name: The Development And Design of The Theme Art, Culture And Creative Products of The Book of Songs, provincial level, host: Jin Ruxue.( Project Number: D2019045193234174)

4. Project Name: I DAE app - creative design platform, host: Wang Yue.( Project Noumber: x20160140024)

5. Project Name: Establishment of Personalized DIY Exclusive Commodity Design Studio And Promotion of College Students,host: Zhang Tianyu.( Project Number.: x201610140028)




Published papers:

1. The paper "The construction and training path of entrepreneurial quality model of college students" (the periodical achievement paper of the Ministry of Education) was published in the national Chinese core journal, CSSCI extended edition source journal "Modern Education Management" in the 8th issue of 2011. As the first author, the paper won the second prize of the 8th excellent achievement paper of statistical science research in Liaoning Province;

2. The paper "Empirical research on the competitiveness of Chinese local culture industry" (the periodical achievement paper of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics) published in CSSCI extended edition source journal, China core academic journal RCCSE Journal of Liaoning University, philosophy and Social Sciences Edition, issue 4, 2011, which is a class C Journal of the University;

3. The paper "The opposition and integration of neoclassical art and romantic art" is included in the database of China's core journals (selection) and published in the 9th issue of 2010 of the double effect journal "Grand View of art", Written by myself;

4. In June 2010, the paper "Prospects and suggestions for the development of hand-painted POP advertising in the new situation" was published in the core journal of China's economy, China business, Written by myself ;

5. The paper "On the expressiveness of the middle line language of painting works" was collected in the database of China's core journals (selection) and published in June 2008 in the double effect journal "Grand View of fine arts", Written by myself;

6. In September 2008, the paper "New exploration of super realistic sketch" was published in the database of China's core journals (selection), and I wrote it by myself;

7. In June 2012, “Research on entrepreneurship support system for college students”, sponsored by China Metallurgical Education Society, was published, and I am the first author;

8.”Analysis on competitiveness of Liaoning regional cultural industry” was published in Journal of Liaoning University of science and technology in April 2012, and I am the second author. “Statistical research on economic development benefits of resource-based cities in China” was published in management observation in June 2009, and I am the second author.

9. “The Structural Equation Modeling Analysis on Influencing Factors of University Student Entrepreneurial Propensity” was employed by BMEI2012 ,international academic conference in May 2012 and published in IEEE publication paper collection. After the conference, it would be included in EI full-text retrieval.

10. In May 2017, the paper "The artistic characteristics and aesthetic value of Manchu folk embroidery" was published in the fifth issue of "Art Grand View";

11. In November 2017, the paper "Reform of teaching materials for art design based on the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship" was published in the eleventh issue of art grand view;

12. In April 2018, the paper "Innovation of art design textbooks and application of interactive art" was published in the fourth issue of "Art Grand View";

13. In June 2017, the paper "Literary and art creation in the Digital Context" was published in China Metallurgical Education.

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