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WANG Shaoyuan     LIU Guorui    

LIU Guorui
2020-07-20 14:41  

LIU Guorui is currently the executive vice director, a second-level researcher and a doctoral supervisor of Higher Education Research Institute, Liaoning University; he is also the standing director and an academic committee of the Chinese Higher Education Society, and a member of decision-making advisory committee for Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Liaoning Provincial Government.

From 2006 to 2018, he served as director of Liaoning Institute of Education (director of Liaoning Education Evaluation Office), director of Liaoning Vocational and Technical Education Institute (director of Liaoning China-Germany Cooperative Training Center for Vocational School Principals), director of Liaoning Education Science Planning Leading Group Office, editor-in-chief of "Modern Education Management" journal.

Main research areas: higher education management, regional education development strategies and policies

Researcher Guorui Liu focused on the development of higher education research itself in his early career, and his research areas involved the construction of higher education research institutions, the development of higher education journals and so on. In 1995, in view of the impact and challenges brought by the establishment of the socialist market economy system to higher education, he came up with the idea that China's higher education science should move to the stage of reconstruction and innovation.

Researcher Guorui Liu is one of the earliest scholars who studied the development of senior high school education in China. He presided over and completed “Research on Popularizing Senior High School Education in Developed Areas Project”, a key subject of Ministry of Education’s National Education Science "Tenth Five-Year Plan" in 2002. He also published two monographs: "Macro-background Research on the Development of Chinese High School Education" and "Research on Popularizing Senior High School Education Project".

Researcher Guorui Liu is also one of the earliest scholars who systematically researched on discipline constructions in universities in China. He presided over and completed the ‘Research on Discipline Constructions in Higher Education in Liaoning in the Context of the Old Industrial Base Revitalization’, a subject planned by Ministry of Education’s National Education Science "Tenth Five-Year Plan" in 2004. He also published the “Regional Economic Development and Discipline Construction in Universities” monograph, and this work won the second prize of the National Outstanding Educational Science Achievement.

In the past 20 years, researcher Guorui Liu has been mainly engaged in research on the transformation and development of higher education. He presided over and completed projects such as “Research on the Sustainable Development of Regional Higher Education under the Condition of Popularization”, “Research on Universities’ Service Strategies for the Construction of Liaoning’s Regional Innovation System”, “Research on the Modes and Strategies of the Coordinated Development between Universities and Industrial Clusters in a Region”, and “Research on the Monitoring and Evaluation of Higher Education Science’s Development Level in a Province”. He published books such as “Outline of Sustainable Development of Regional Higher Education”, “Construction of Regional Innovation System and Universities’ Service Strategies”, and “Evaluation and Dynamic Monitoring of Provincial Higher Education Science’s Development Level”.



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