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WANG Shaoyuan
2020-07-20 15:00  

WANG Shaoyuan, female, Deputy Director of Institute of Higher Education of Liaoning University, researcher, doctoral tutor. She used to be Deputy Dean of the Liaoning Institute of Education, Director of the Institute of Higher Education, and Director of the Education Development Strategy and Policy Research Center. She is an expert enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, an outstanding expert in Liaoning Province, a leader in philosophy and social sciences in Liaoning's "Xingliao Talent Program", and a hundred-level candidate in "Liaoning Province's Multi-Million Talent Project." The main academic part-time positions are: Executive Director of China Higher Education Association Research Branch; Director of China Higher Education Association; Director of Reform and Development Planning Committee of China Education Development Strategy Society; General Secretary of Liaoning Provincial Higher Education Association; Expert reviewer of Liaoning Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award; Evaluation Expert of the Discipline Evaluation Group of Liaoning Province; Invited Research Expert of Liaoning Youth Development Research Base; Special Researcher of “Education Evaluation and Development Strategy Research Center” of Liaoning Key Think Tank.

Her main research fields are higher education management, strategic planning and policies for higher education development. Her main academic achievements are as followed:

1.Published 6 academic monographs such as "Theories and Practices of Regional University Characteristic Development", "Scale Control and Structural Optimization of Regional Higher Education"; edited 9 academic monographs such as "Liaoning Education Reform and Development Report 2008-2012".

2. Focusing on the research fields of higher education management, higher education development strategic planning and policy, published more than 40 academic papers such as “China Higher Education Research”, “National Academy of Education Administration”, and “Modern Education Management”. Among them, 6 articles were reprinted in full in the "Chinese Social Science Digest", printed materials “Higher Education of People University or indexed by the “Xinhua Digest”.

3. Since 2010, she has participated in hundreds of educational decision-making consulting service projects of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. Among them, participated in nearly 10 projects of major guidelines and policies such as “the Outline of Liaoning Province's Medium- and Long-term Education Reform and Development Planning (2010-2020). She published more than 20 pieces of political counsels on national and provincial platforms of Liaoning Provincial Government Advisory Committee, Provincial Committee Policy Research Office "Consultation Digest", Liaoning Education Research Institute "Education Decision Reference". The written advices were approved 5 times by provincial leaders and leaders from Education Department.

4. At present, she is chairing the key project of the Ministry of Education: "Research on the Adjustment and Function Reconstruction of Local Higher Education Systems in the Process of Educational Modernization", and the Sub-project of the National Social Science Fund's Major Bidding Project "Strengthening Local Higher Education, Consolidating the Fundamental Research on Building Higher Education into a Powerful Country". Additional, she is hosting 3 research projects which are Research on the Reconstruction and Institutional Innovation of Liaoning Higher Education System under the Background of Comprehensive Revitalization”, “Research on Financial Issues in Strategic Management of Universities” by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, "Research on the Standardization and Standardized Construction of the List of Administrative Powers of Educational Administrative Departments at the Provincial, City and County Levels". Over the years, she has presided over 7 national and provincial projects, participated in 10 provincial-level research projects.

5. Published academic achievements have won 2 national awards, 7 provincial government awards and 6 other provincial awards.

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