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CHEN Xiaofang
2020-07-20 21:30  

CHEN Xiaofang (Candice),born in November 9, 1978,graduated from College of English Studies,Liaoning University, master’s degree,major in English language and literature,associate professor in College of Comprehensive Studies, Department of English Studies.

I’m an out-minded and easy-going person, interested in music, movie, sports, travel and different cultural activities.

Since the beginning of teaching, it has always been my responsibility to stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm in English learning, and strive to create a relaxed and lively teaching atmosphere, so as to achieve the combination of entertainment and teaching, so that students can take in the complex ideas in a pretty simplified way, and easily master English knowledge.

I am good at grammar, rhetoric and writing, oral English, listening and speaking and professional test field teaching. In the course of teaching, I usually adopt the interactive mode of enlightening teaching, constantly explore the students' subjective initiative, and intersperse the cultural background knowledge of British and American countries, thereby enhance the students' understanding of English, and get rid of their trouble and confusion of dumb English, so as to improve their practical ability and prepare them well for the society and the future.

I have been engaged in the teaching of 21st Century College English experimental class, and the passing rate of CET-4 is relatively high. At present, I’m engaged in teaching tasks such as intensive English reading, listening, oral English, professional English, English tutoring and postgraduate English Intensive Reading courses. During the tenure in the University, I mainly teach college English, spoken English, British and American film and Television Appreciation and oral communication, advanced English, English grammar, foreign trade correspondence writing, English writing, history of British and American literature, overview of English speaking countries, biblical literature, Greek and Roman literature and other courses, engaged in English speech competition for college students Reading competition, also engaged in guidance and training work in college speaking, reading ,writing competition and debate competition. I’m the professional instructor of various competitions and have won a series of honors. I have been engaged in the training and tutoring work of various examinations such as CET-4 and CET-6, professional title English, postgraduate entrance examination English and IELTS.

I have presided over and participated in more than 40 national, provincial, municipal and school level projects, published one CSSCI paper, ten provincial papers, compiled more than 20 teaching and reference books, reference books and translations. I have won more than 30 series awards, such as the National first prize instructor Award, the Liaoning provincial special instructor award, the Liaoning provincial first prize of writing and reading competition, the third prize of foreign teachers' teaching competition, the third prize of Liaoning University Teachers' basic skills competition, Excellent instructor of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Liaoning University and the second prize of Liaoning education software competition.


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