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NIU Xiaohan
2020-07-22 17:42  

Chinese Name: Niu Xiaohan

Supreme Education: Master's degree

Graduate School: China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

Major: English language and Literature


On the origin of situational teaching method

An analysis of interpersonal function of passive voice

Exploration of College English translation teaching reform in the Internet plus Era

Translation teaching of traditional Chinese culture from the perspective of Skopos Theory

On the translation teaching of Chinese traditional culture from the perspective of ecological translation

The application of interactive teaching in the era of Internet plus in college oral English Teaching

On translation teaching of Chinese traditional culture with cognitive language

E-mail : kan33kan@163.com

Main course: College English

Teaching features:

I’m a lively, cheerful, articulate and expressive person. I have a wide range of hobbies, such as music, reading, movies, American dramas, travel, surfing the Internet. I am good at prompting the classroom atmosphere and able to skillfully use multimedia and other modern teaching aids, so as to make full use of the Internet to collect various vivid teaching materials.


I would like to provide you with a variety of English learning resources, including popular American TV series, classic English songs, drama, excellent English movies and so on. I can fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for learning, so that everyone can grasp knowledge in a delightful learning environment. English learning is no longer boring, and everyone can be full of joy.


In my class, students can perform better in their English listening, speaking, reading and writing by doing tasks, possessing the ability to pass the CET4 and CET6 examination. They will understand the ways of the world through English learning, and recognize the knowledge that cannot be explained in detail in books.


Teas in the listener’s eyes are the finest possible reward for any singer.

----Andersen, “The Nightingale”


Learning English is hard work? No!

Let's work together! Nothing is impossible

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