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About LNU 
About LNU
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About LNU
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Established in 1948, Liaoning University (LNU) is one of National "Project 211" Key Universities of China designated by the Ministry of Education. It is the only comprehensive academic higher education institution of its kind in Liaoning Province in the breadth of disciplines offered like Chinese, History, Philosophy, Economics, Law, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Medicine and Art. LNU operates at three campuses which cover 653,700 square meters of building space.

Liaoning University has 27 schools, 1267 full-time faculty members including 283 professors, 504 associate professors, 119 doctoral supervisors, 83 specialists on special stipend under the State Council of the People's Republic of China, two Yangtze Scholar as “Professor on special appointment” and one academician from China Academy of Sciences on “Joint Appointment” through the State.

Altogether LNU offers 71 undergraduate disciplines, 26 master degree programs at the first level, 24 professional degree authorization programs, eight doctoral programs at the first level, eight post-doctoral research stations to its credit, three national key disciplines, and six provincial key first-level disciplines. LNU operates two state-level demonstration centers for experimental teaching, six key provincial humanity and social science disciplines, nine key provincial laboratories, three provincial-level engineering research centers, three provincial engineering laboratories, eight provincial-level demonstration centers for experimental teaching, six laboratories jointly set up by the central and local governments for distinguishing and preponderant disciplines of higher education, 14 central finance-sponsored experimental education platform of provincial-Level universities and colleges, four innovation and entrepreneurship practice education base of College Students,one base for college student entrepreneurship program, and six provincial-level teams of innovation for higher education.

By June 2016, the University has enrolled over 26,000 full-time students – 19,000 in undergraduate studies, about 6,600 in post-graduate and doctoral studies, plus over 600 international students.

Since its date of birth, LNU has been serving the community by sending over 190,000 outstanding graduates to all walks of life, as well as over 8,000 long-term and 3,000 short-term international students from 94 countries. LNU has established the Confucius Institutes respectively with the National University of Irkutsk of Russia, Vilnius University of Lithuania and Dakar University of Senegal. The brand of the Confucius Institute has spanned across Asia, Europe and Africa as the educational globalization progressively steps into a new stage of development. 




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