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Liaoning University Launches the Opening Ceremony of the 10th Ginkgo Festival

Date: 2022-10-22    Source: 

On the afternoon of October 22nd, the opening ceremony of the 10th Ginkgo Festival was launched on Yinxing Road of Chongshan campus of Liaoning University. Members of the CPC Liaoning University Committee, directors from relevant administrative departments, deans from relevant colleges and schools, and faculty and student representatives attended the opening ceremony.



On the opening ceremony, Prof. Zhou Haobo, Secretary of the Party Committee announced the opening of the 10th Ginkgo Festival of Liaoning University, and unveiled the festival together with Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Pan Yishan, Deputy Secretary of the school Party Committee and President Yu Miaojie, and Deputy Secretary of the school Party Committee Sun Shiguo.

Deputy Secretary Pan Yishan delivered the welcome remarks. He indicated that the university would continue to play an important role in educating people through the culture of the Ginkgo Festival. The university would take the beautiful scenery of ginkgo as an opportunity to inspire vigorous campus culture, enrich campus life for faculty and students, and fully demonstrate construction and development achievements of Liaoning University.   


President Yu Miaojie hosted the opening ceremony. 




This year’s Ginkgo Festival featured a photography exhibition held by the university Labor Union and showcased a range of books from the university publisher, and innovative products from the College of Light Industry as well as featured a student exhibition held by the Youth League Committee. The College of Life Sciences has also launched a “Ginkgo Forum” activity during the festival.