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Liaoning University Jointly Hosts the 2023 National Mining Discipline Development Basic Research Young Scholars Academic Seminar

Date: 2023-11-01    Source: College of Chemistry

        The "2023 National Symposium for Young Scholars in Basic Research of Mining Discipline Development" was held in Shenyang from October 28th to 29th which jointly organized by 22 domestic universities and research institutions, including Northeast University, Liaoning University, Shenyang University of Technology, and Hubei Three Gorges Laboratory. Chi Ru'an, Professor of Wuhan Engineering University and Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering and Professor Pan Yishan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liaoning University, Professor Feng Yongxin, President of Shenyang University of Technology, and Professor Wang Xingwei, Vice President of Northeastern University, attended the meeting. More than 200 experts and young and middle-aged scholars from over 40 universities and research institutes across the country attended the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Chi Ru'an.


        After introducing the basic situation of Liaoning University, Pan Yishan presented the achievements and experience of talent training, scientific research and new mechanism construction that Liaoning University is facing in social reality. Then he encouraged the teachers and scholars to actively go out, go in, go up, as well as consciously realize the combination of scientific research and social scene of real problems when delivering a speech at the opening ceremony. Finally, Pan Yishan pointed out that theoretical innovation must be persisted to promote the development of mining science. In order to promote theoretical innovation, we must keep focusing on problems and to focus on four necessary elements to provide correct theoretical guidance for promoting healthy and sustainable development of mining industry, which are the sector and industry development trend, condensed practice problem, breakthrough major theoretical problems restricting the sustainable development of mining in China, promote mining academic research system with Chinese characteristics.

Professor Chi Ru'an gave a special report on the analysis of funding from provincial funds and other sources in the past five years and systematically introduced the types, application conditions, and precautions of National Natural Science Foundation projects. He also explained policies in detail, analyzed the situation, and proposed countermeasures. He encouraged young scholars to develop basic research, ensure research directions are clear and definite in a persistent way and actively apply for fund projects.

        The meeting invited Professor Wang Laigui from Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology, Professor Zhou Fang from Wuhan University of Engineering, Professor Han Yuexin from Northeastern University, Professor Duan Chenlong from China University of Mining and Technology, Professor Zhang Haijun, and other experts to give 14 themed presentations on the progress of basic and applied research in mining, beneficiation, and related safety fields, as well as the experience of applying for projects under the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Twenty young scholars from different universities and research institutes across the country have conducted in-depth exchanges on the hot topics of fund application in the mining industry in recent years. The attended experts gave excellent comments on the fund declaration work of young scientific workers and encouraged them to tightly integrate scientific research with national needs, as well as actively explore the way of innovation and enhance their ability to solve scientific problems from engineering and technical issues in order to focus on conducting basic research with a larger pattern and higher perspective.