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Liaoning University Achieves Historic Breakthrough in the 18th "Challenge Cup" National Competition

Date: 2023-11-10    Source: Youth League committee

In the recent past, the final round of the finals of the 18th "Challenge Cup" National College Students' Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition have came to a success, which is jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with the National Student Union and the People's Government of Guizhou Province. It is run by Guizhou University.

  Liaoning University has won 6 national awards in the competition! There is one second prize, four third prizes, and one second prize for the red special  event. The total number of the winning projects in the "Challenge Cup" competition have reached a new record high!

The "Challenge Cup" National University Students' Extracurricular Academic and Scientific and Technological Works Competition has been held for 18 times since 1989. There are many academicians, heads of national key laboratories, professors and doctoral supervisors from award winners. It has had a wide impact on colleges and universities and even the society. It has been regarded as the "Olympic" event of scientific and technological innovation for contemporary college students.

The overall structure of the "1+1+2" competition, which consists of the main competition of the "Challenge Cup" national competition, the "unveiling and commanding" special competition, the red special activity and the "black technology" exhibition activity has attracted more than 2000 universities and over 2.5 million students nationwide with over 400000 works to participate.

As learning in Liaoning University, brainstorm wildly and conduct on-site investigations to trace the source, as well as work hard on the details and  improve day after day are always the tenants. Liaoning University always adheres to the principle of "promoting youth growth through competitions and promoting youth creation through competitions", as well as continuously improves the guarantee mechanism and continuously explores incubation projects to contribute to the building of scientific and technological powerhouse.

Every contestant is building dreams through science and technology innovation as well as challenging the future. On the field of the "Challenge Cup", every determined and lively challenger has a dynamic and exciting story to tell. When the passionate plot shines into reality, we also see all the teammates backing behind them! Congratulations to the winning team!