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Great achievement in ‘Double First-class’ Construction - LNU’s Introduction of Professor Russell W. Cooper, a World’s Top Foreign Economist

Date: 2024-05-08    Source: 

Russell W. Cooper, a world’s top macroeconomist and professor of the Department of Economics at European University Institute, officially agreed to work as a full-time professor at China Economic Research Institute (CERI) of Liaoning University.




Born in Florida, USA, Russell W. Cooper is a researcher of National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a fellow of both Econometrics Society and American Economic Association. Having received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982, he has long served as a faculty member at Yale University and Penn State University. He was also a national fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University from 1987 to 1988.

As a top macroeconomists in the world, professor Russell W. Cooper is devoted to exploring the problems of incomplete information in macroeconomics. His ideas on  coordination game have become an important theoretical cornerstone in the field of macroeconomics. He has published more than 100 high-level academic papers in macroeconomics, international economics, industrial organization, experimental economics, labor economics and monetary economics, among which 19 papers have been published in five top international journals of economics. The paper Coordinating Coordination Failures in Keynesian Models published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics has been cited for 2395 times. The paper On the Nature of Capital Adjustment Costs published in the Review of Economic Studies has been cited for 1,577 times with a total of 19,694 times cited by Google Academic and an H index as high as 55. These research results enjoy high authority and influence in the field of macroeconomics and have become the classic literature that researchers in related fields must read. His outstanding contribution in the field of economics makes him recognized as a world’s top expert in the field of macroeconomics.




Professor Russell W. Cooper has also made great achievements in teaching. He has written Macroeconomics: Theory Through Applications (Saylor Foundation, 2012) and Economics: Theory Through Applications (Flat World Knowledge, 2011) and other economics textbooks. Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Application (MIT Press, 2003), which he co-authored with Professor Jerome Adda, is a classic introductory textbook in the field of dynamic economics. He has lectured in universities including Yale University, University of Iowa, Boston University, University of Texas and Pennsylvania State University. He has also taught short-term courses in Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Queen’s University of Canada, Keio University, University of California, Riverside, Rice University and is very popular among students.

Previously, he had been employed as an honorary professor for life at Liaoning University and came to the university twice to teach the course Dynamic Optimization for doctoral students in economics. After full-time employment, he will give courses to undergraduates and doctoral students of economics at Liaoning University. His research achievements in the future will also be credited to Liaoning University as the only signature unit, contributing to Liaoning University’s endeavor to recruit global experts and cultivate local talents.




The full-time introduction of professor Russell W. Cooper serves as an landmark achievement in the construction of ‘Double First-Class’ at Liaoning University, demonstrating the confidence and capacity of Liaoning University to build the Economics discipline into a truly ‘world first-class discipline’ and also marking a new stage in terms of the faculty building in economics research in China. This endeavor will not only facilitate the academic status and international influence of the Economics discipline of Liaoning University to a new level, but also contribute to the cultivation of more elite talents in the field of economics in China!