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Liaoning University Conducted Activities with Anshan City to Deepen Cooperation

Date: 2024-04-28    Source: 


To promote multi-level and all-round cooperation between universities and local government and enterprises in various forms, Pan Yishan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Liaoning University, Sun Shiguo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Liaoning University and relevant departments and secondary schools went to Anshan City for research activities on April 27th. The event aimed to boost employment by visiting enterprises and exploring job opportunities as well as better build a quality base for talent cultivation, including activities of a signing ceremony between 10 secondary schools from LNU and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission in Anshan City and an unveiling ceremony of Anshan State-owned Enterprise Innovation Research Workstation of Liaoning University. Wu Kaihua, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Anshan Municipal Party Committee, Li Hongzhen, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Anshan Municipal Committee, Wang Yan, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Director of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in Anshan City, Liu Guangxin, Party member and Secretary General of Municipal Government, Qin Qihu, Party member and Deputy Secretary General of Municipal Government and comrades of relevant departments directly under Anshan Municipal Committee and municipal state-owned enterprises attended the meeting.  



At the meeting to visit enterprises and explore job opportunities, Secretary Pan Yishan shared with the participants a series of practices that Liaoning University has done to strengthen the connection between enrollment and employment, build a quality base for talent cultivation in Anshan City and promote the employment of graduates in the city. He also expressed his expectation to promote deeper exchanges and cooperation between the university and local government and enterprises. He noted that by adhering to the vision of going out, going deep and going up to a higher level, Liaoning University would resolutely shoulder the political responsibility and historical mission of serving Anshan City and Liaoning Province by supporting teachers and students to go deep into various social reality scenes in Anshan for in-depth investigation and study. By collecting those reality-based issues, Liaoning University will work to solve them by pooling the strengths of various parties together.  With the endeavor, Liaoning University will inject its impetus to assist Anshan City in accelerating its new quality productive forces in the new era.   



Mayor Wu Kaihua expressed his gratitude to Liaoning University for its long-term care and support for Anshan City and his expectation for promoting the cooperation between the two sides. He noted that Liaoning University is built with a long history and profound cultural heritage, thus enjoying a solid foundation for cooperation with the city. He hoped that more targeted cooperation could be launched by fully leveraging the strengths of Liaoning University in its disciplines and expert teams on areas of building a modernized industrial system, boosting domestic demand as well as cultivating new driving forces in the city. By doing so, the two sides can make new breakthroughs and further the cooperation in such fields as strategic cooperation, cooperation on education, production, research and application, deepened reform of SOE and talent cultivation.



The unveiling ceremony of Anshan State-owned Enterprise Innovation Research Workstation of Liaoning University was held by Secretary Pan Yishan and Mayor Wu Kaihua, opening a new chapter in reforming state-owned enterprises under university-enterprise cooperation.





Deputy Secretary Sun Shiguo and Deputy Mayor Li Hongzhen delivered speeches on behalf of Liaoning University and Anshan City respectively, expressing their expectation of building cooperation in a wider scope and with more projects to create a better future.  



Before the meeting started, Secretary Pan Yishan and Deputy Secretary Sun Shiguo also met Shan Weijun, Zhang Weiwei and Xu Lei, temporary cadres of Liaoning University in Anshan City and had a cordial conversation with them about their work and life in the city. Relevant comrades of the Party Affairs Office, Department of Organization, Department of Publicity and Office of Social Services attended the visit.








10 secondary schools including Faculty of History, School of Economics, Sunwah International Business School, School of Life Sciences, School of Light Industry, School of Chemistry, School of Business, School of Environment, Faculty of Information, School of Finance and Trade of Liaoning University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Anshan SASAC to promote the in-depth exchanges of schools with the state-owned enterprises in Anshan City and deepen the integration of production and education.



After the meeting, comrades of relevant departments and schools of Liaoning University and representatives of experts and teachers conducted research activities at Anshan Water Group and Anshan Metallurgical Group to learn about the production and operation of the enterprises and explore cooperation opportunities.