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Pan Yishan Inspects at the Construction Site of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Teaching and Research Building

Date: 2024-05-23    Source: 

On May 21st, Pan Yishan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Liaoning University went to the construction site of the discipline inspection and supervision teaching and research building to conduct inspection on the safety work, project quality and construction progress. Vice President Shi Baodong also attended the inspection.   




Pan Yishan congratulated on the completion of capping the main structure of the building as scheduled and extended thanks to all contractors for their hard work. He stressed that firstly, we should continue to strengthen work safety. All contractors should thoroughly deliver on the message of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on safety production and put people’s life as a top priority. By following the work process of safety first and strict operation, we should also enhance safety training of the construction workers, better regulate electricity and fire use to ensure the safety of production facilities and personnel at site. By doing so, we can apply the principle of safety production to into the whole construction process. Secondly, it is important to ensure the construction quality of the project. As the construction project is a century-long plan, all contractors should stick to high standards and strict requirements and better regulate the quality of the project. By taking a responsible attitude to the project quality, we should continue to strengthen the regulation of the construction site and process to advance the project construction with good quality. Thirdly, it is vital to ensure that the project construction is completed on schedule. On the premise of work safety and construction quality, all contractors should focus on the task objectives with a high political awareness by taking targeted measures on key nodes, speeding up the construction progress and improving the efficiency. With a strong momentum, they can build a high-quality benchmark project that reassures the the whole university and contribute their efforts to boost university development.



Heads of the Campus Construction Office, China Railway Ninth Bureau Group No.4 Engineering Co., Ltd. and construction manager of the discipline inspection and supervision teaching and research building reported the overall construction progress.   

Zhang Wenjie, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of China Railway Ninth Bureau Group Co., Ltd. spoke at the construction site. He expressed his gratitude to Liaoning University for its strong support to the project construction and made his commitment that the company would be committed to seeking excellence in construction, seek to meet higher construction standards with stronger work enthusiasm to deliver a satisfactory, high-quality and reassuring project to the university.

Heads of Party Affairs Office, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Audit Office, Law School, School of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Campus Construction Office and heads of contractors including China Railway Ninth Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Liaoning Provincial Building Design & Research Institute and Dalian Fanhua Construction Consulting Management Co., Ltd. attended the inspection.