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LNU Holds Conference on Publicity Work

Date: 2024-05-18    Source: 



On May 17, Liaoning University held a conference on the publicity work of ideology and culture at the Jonathan KS Choi Hall of the Administration Building at Puhe Campus. Pan Yishan, the Secretary of the CPC Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Yu Miaojie, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of the University, chaired the meeting and conveyed the spirit of the national and provincial conferences on the publicity work of ideology and culture. Sun Shiguo, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, Zhang Hongxin, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Vice Presidents Shi Baodong and Huo Chunhui attended the meeting. LNU’s CPC Committee members Tong Yan, Wu Jilong, and Lu Hui also attended.



The conference pointed out that Xi Jinping's cultural thought is a major achievement in the party's leadership of cultural construction in the new era, enriching and developing Marxist cultural theory. It is an important part of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and a milestone in the history of the party's publicity work of ideology and culture. It provides us with powerful ideological weapons and a scientific guide for action to do well in the publicity work of ideology and culture of the new era and new journey. The entire university should deeply study and comprehend Xi Jinping's cultural thought, consciously apply Xi Jinping's cultural thought to guide the practical work of the university’s publicity work of ideology and culture.

The conference emphasized that over the past period, the entire university has deeply studied and implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party, deeply understanding the decisive significance of the "Two Establishments," enhancing the "Four Consciousnesses," firming up the "Four Confidences," and ensuring the "Two Upholds." This has actively promoted new progress and achievements in the publicity work of ideology and culture of the university, providing strong ideological assurance for the high-quality development of LNU. In the future, the entire university should enhance its sense of responsibility for doing a good job in the publicity work of ideology and culture, firmly grasp the new situation and tasks facing it, and provide spiritual power and ideological assurance for achieving the goals and tasks set at the 13th Party Congress of the university, helping to drive new breakthroughs in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning. We must enhance our sense of mission in the publicity work of ideology and culture, implement Xi Jinping's cultural thought, and deepen theoretical arming. We must deeply integrate the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era with General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks and instructions on the revitalization and development of Northeast China and Liaoning, as well as his important discourses on education, grasp the scientific connotation, deepen the long-term mechanism for theoretical learning, organize in-depth research and interpretation, and carry out extensive publicity.

The conference demanded that we grasp the initiative of the propaganda front, enhance the guiding and infectious power of publicity and public opinion work, do a good job in positive promotion, continuously consolidate and strengthen mainstream ideological public opinion, strengthen external publicity, and expand the international influence of the university. We must safeguard the lifeline of ideological and political education, enhance the attractiveness and affinity of ideological and political work, build exemplary ethics for teachers, improve the education system, build civilized campuses, and cultivate more new-era individuals who can be trusted by the Party, love the country, and undertake the mission of national rejuvenation. We must activate the driving force of cultural construction, enhance the support and contribution of cultural inheritance and innovation, strive to strengthen the foundation of culture, promote cultural prosperity in Liaoning, trace the origins of culture, and contribute to the construction of a strong cultural province. We must occupy the main position of ideology, enhance the ability to effectively prevent and resolve risks, strictly implement the Party committee's responsibility system for ideological work, and guard various propaganda, ideology, and cultural positions.

The conference emphasized the need to strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the Party over the publicity work of ideology and culture of the university. Party organizations at all levels of the university must grasp the political orientation, strengthen political responsibilities, and build strong working and talent teams to provide strong ideological assurance, powerful spiritual strength, and effective cultural support for the comprehensive construction of a domestically first-class, internationally renowned, and distinctly characteristic high-level comprehensive research university, and strive to compose a new chapter of modernization with Chinese characteristics in Liaoning.



The conference demanded that all units of the university raise awareness, organize Party members and cadres, as well as the broad masses of faculty members and students, to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping's cultural thought, and earnestly study the requirements of this conference, effectively use the Party's innovative theory to arm their minds, and educate faculty members and students. To fulfill responsibilities, each unit should refine specific measures around the various tasks deployed by the conference, employ practical approaches, and promote high-quality development in all areas of work. To consolidate strength, all units of the university should operate under the unified leadership of the Party committee, fulfill their respective duties, coordinate and cooperate, promote in a coordinated manner, jointly consolidate the theoretical foundation, aggregate the strength of publicity, strengthen the soul of ideology, expand the domain of communication, enhance the power of culture, solidify the dam of stability, and help promote the overall situation of publicity work of ideology and culture throughout the university, depicting the panoramic view of our development and revitalization efforts.

The heads of the Academic Affairs Office, the Institute of Social Sciences, the Student Union, the School of Marxism, Asia-Australia Business College, and the Publishing House of LNU exchanged views at the conference. Full-time deputy-department-level and above cadres, as well as liaison officers for publicity work from various units, attended the conference.