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Pan Yishan Attends 2024 Activities of ‘Ph.D. Students in Shenyang’

Date: 2024-05-31    Source: 

On the morning of May 30th, Professor Pan Yishan, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Liaoning University was invited to attend the 2024 activities of Ph.D. Students in Shenyang and spoke at the promotion activity of ‘Meeting Academician Face to Face’. Vice President Shi Baodong, officers of Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shenyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenyang Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Shenyang Bureau of Science and Technology, Shenyang Association for Science and Technology and officers of relevant departments of Liaoning University and Ph.D. representatives attended the activity.



At the promotion activity of Liaoning University, Pan Yishan made an introduction about the overall work at the Party and national level, policy support from Liaoning Provincial Committee of the CPC, the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, Shenyang Municipal Committee of the CPC and Shenyang Municipal People’s Government to Ph.D. students. He also introduced the development, talent work as well as the recruitment plan of Liaoning University. He noted that as Liaoning Province is in a critical stage of pooling strengths together to overcome difficulties and achieve greater progress to fully revitalize the region, talents are exceedingly needed than any other time in history. He added that Liaoning Province could provide desirable platforms, good policies, sound working environment as well as exciting opportunities. Currently, Liaoning University is accelerating its efforts in the construction of ‘Double First-Class’, thus yearning for a large number of Ph.D. talents to support its high-quality development and assist Liaoning Province to achieve its new breakthrough three-year action plan for comprehensive revitalization. He sincerely welcomed Ph.D. talents would live and grow on this hot land of innovation and entrepreneurship, hoping that they would bring out their best in the grand cause of comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning Province in the new era.




After the promotion activity, Pan Yishan had a cordial exchange with Ph.D. students who showed strong interest in Liaoning University, expecting that they could work at Liaoning University. Shi Baodong gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the Ph.D. students on the spot and encouraged them to choose and stay in Liaoning Province.