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GAO Lanjun

Date: 2016-12-02    Source: 

Dr. GAO Lanjun, professor of the Law School of Liaoning University, has been studying the International Law since many years. Her major research focuses on the basic theoretical problems of Intentional Law. The representative work Axiology of International Law is an earlier monograph of the basic theory of the value of international law in China, which sets up the basic theory of the value of Intentional Law, specifically established the value system of International Law, proposes the theoretical foundation and the way to achieve the value of International Law in practice, so as to promote the further development of International Law and to form a proper order of International Law. On the basis of deep researches of the basic theories of International Law, combing the thoughts in teaching process with legal service practices of national security, Prof. Gao expands her research fields to the International Investment Law, International Human Rights Law and legal researches to hot points in International Law and exerts an effect on them. For example, she researches the social responsibilities of enterprises, the BOT Investment Style, and the treaties signed between China and other countries.

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