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REN Ji, Doctoral Supervisor of Fiscal & Tax Law and International Law. She puts efforts on the research of financial and taxation reforms and proposes a theory that the social justice of Fiscal & Tax Law and local finance as well as the balance of fiscal and tax payment structure and legal protection. She focuses on the prosperity of Northeast areas and the optimization of Liaoning economic environment. In her Opinion, it is a process to coordinate and transform the idea of methods of the governments to promote the development of economic in Liaoning Province.  Finished and published some specific researches including: ‘The Local Economic Development of Liaoning and Local Laws and Policies’, ‘The Government of Liaoning Province Strengthening Capitalization Service to Support Small-Medium Sized Corporations’, ‘The Local Legislation of Food Security’, etc. Prof. Ren participated in the emendation work of Taxation Revenue Law in the State Bureau of Taxation. Achievements including: Foreign Civil and Commercial Disputes, B2B Jurisdiction, Effective Models of Commercial Arbitration. Proposed the creative development of combing Liaoning coastal and riversides cities with B$R project.

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