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ZHENG Ying, Professor of Law School, Liaoning University, Master Tutor, Doctor of law ,Director of China Law Society of Economic Law Research Association, Secretary - General of China Commercial Law Research Association. Vice-president of Liaoning Province Law Society Economic Law Research Association, Economic law, Dr. Zheng has been targeted at a specific subject for many years, dedicated to the study on rights protection of migrant workers, rural social security, affordable housing and other vulnerable groups. She puts forward originality that migrant workers’ rights and interests should be included both indispensable rights as citizens and labor rights as migrant workers for the urban non-agricultural. The rights and interests of migrant workers should be protected through the legislative system innovation, standardizing the protection of law enforcement, establishing the judicial special protection and improving the organization of human rights protection. For the first time in China, Dr. Zheng studies the housing welfare issue in the perspective of macro-control. In the study of housing welfare issues, moderation of the housing welfare target, fairness of the housing welfare value, and the housing welfare system in China are innovative researches in domestic.

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