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YANG Ming ,female, J.D., Professor and doctoral supervisor of Law school in Liaoning University.

      2006~ 2016   Doctor , Punishment law School;, Jilin University   

      1987~1990  Master, Procedural law School, Southwest politics and Law University                          

      1983~ 1987  Bachelor’s degree of laws, Law School, Liaoning University

      2003~      Professor of Law School, Liaoning University

      1990~ 2003  Lecturer of Law School, Liaoning University 

      Dr. Yang has published many monographs which include “The Research on erasing crime function of procedural law”, “The Research on Difference between litigation mechanism” and the textbook of “Criminal Procedure”, and has co-written some textbooks about procedural law and criminal law. Also, she has published more than 30 papers on “law”, “Science of Law”, “Modern Law Science”, “Contemporary Law Review”, “Criminal Science”, “People` s Procurator Semimonthly” etc.

      Dr. Yang has participated in a research program funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China (2009-2014), “the Research on erasing crime function of procedural law”. Also, have participated 2 of research programs funded by the Provincial Social Science Foundation of Liaoning, 3 of Scientific research projects funded by the Education Department of Liaoning, and a research of Teaching Reform Project funded by Liaoning university.

      Prof. Dr. Yang held academic or research positions in various academic awards. She was awarded “Outstanding young and middle-aged teacher” of Liaoning University for years. In 2014, she has been selected as the 2nd “outstanding young and middle-aged law expert” by the Politics and Law Committee of Liaoning,  the Department of human resources and social security of Liaoning ,the Law Society of Liaoning, the Bureau of Civil Servants of Liaoning. At present, be the standing director of the Criminal Procedure Law Institute of China. 

      Email: teacheryangming@sina.com.cn

      Tel: 86-024-62602408