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WANG Chunzi

Date: 2020-05-11    Source: 

WANG Chunzi, female, Lecturer of Law School, Liaoning University.

RESEARCH DIRECTION: Legal History, highlighting on the modernization of Chinese law.

COURSES: Chinese legal history, Foreign legal history, History of Chinese legal thoughts, History of western legal thoughts.


“Confliction and integration: A Study on the modernization of Chinese Civil Procedure Law (1901-1935)”, supported by National Social Science Fund, 2018.

“Compilation of folk statutes in early modern China”, supported by National Social Science Fund, 2014.

“Civil mediation experiences: What do we learn from Late Qing dynasty and early Republic of China?”, supported by Liaoning Social Science Fund, 2016.


Forthcoming: Zu Wei and Wang Chunzi and “A Collection of Folk Statutes in Early Modern China”, Beijing: Law Press China.

2017. Chunzi Wang. “Dilemmas in compiling the draft of Criminal and Civil Procedure Law of the Qing Dynasty.” Pp160-178 in On the modernization of Chinese law, edited by Sheng Zhang. Beijing: China University of Political science and Law Press.

2016. Chunzi Wang. “The evolution of civil mediation system in modern China.” Pp169-185 in Shengjing Law Review, edited by Song Yang. Beijing: Law Press China.

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