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ZHANG Yun, female, of the Han nationality, born in 1978, is an associate professor, a supervisor for postgraduates, and a member of Jiusan Society. She graduated from College of Chinese Language and Literature in Wuhan University with a doctorate in Modern and Contemporary Literature. She is mainly engaged in contemporary novel and drama research. She wrote over 20 papers on Journal of Literature and Art, Novel Reviews, and other national journals. She hosted and took part in more than 10 provincial projects and won prizes for many times, including Aesthetic Research on Local Opera in Northeast China (the general project of Liaoning Education Department, 2016), Ideas, Countermeasures, and Suggestions to the Present Situation, Protection and Development of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Liaoning Province (Liaoning Social Science Association, 2011), and A Study on the Influence of Benshan Art on Shenyang Mass Culture Construction and Its Countermeasures (Shenyang Social Science Association, 2011). She is the author of scholarly books The Persistence on the Brink (Wuhan University Press, 2008) and Rebellion and Transcendence: Avant-garde Creation of Female Novels in the New Period of China (Liaoning Education Press, 2011).

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