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Fan Ni, Associate Dean, Professor, master tutor, visiting scholar of University of London. Director of Shenyang film and Television Association. The main research direction is drama, film and television performance, literature communication and media culture.


She presided over a number of national, Ministry of education, provincial projects, published a number of papers in the national Chinese core journals “Public art education in Colleges and Universities Based on improving aesthetic quality -- Taking the basic course of film and television performance as an example”, won the first prize of "national excellent art education research paper" by the Ministry of education “Guiding college students to establish socialist core values through public art education -- Practice of public art education personnel training reform of Liaoning University” has been listed as a typical excellent case of higher education reform and development in Liaoning Province. Lecturing "Fundamentals of film and television performance" won the first prize of excellent course evaluation of public art course in Colleges and universities of Liaoning Province. Screenwriter, director, starring in a number of films and TV plays, plays, short play works won international, national and provincial honors. The directing drama "sunset does not worry" won the first prize of excellent planning, first prize of director, first prize of excellent creation and first prize of comprehensive evaluation of the Ministry of culture's national education performance. The director of "this side of the mountain" won the gold medal of director of the National Drama Culture Award. Directing drama "the man and woman sitting at the end of the lane", "miscellaneous thoughts of boiling city" and psychological dance drama "towards midsummer" have won the first prize of Liaoning College Students' art performance and director of Liaoning College Students' drama festival for many times. In 2019, she directed Shenyang's original drama "pay homage to youth" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, which received 32000 people and received a warm response.