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GUO Chongying

Date: 2021-06-15    Source: 

Guo Chongying, male, Manchu, born in 1984. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, an associate professor and a master's supervisor. He graduated from the Art College of Liaoning University with a master's degree in drama director. Engaged in teaching and scientific research of drama performance major.

He has twice won the gold award of international individual performance of "Korean Mashan International Drama Festival".

Won the excellent tutor award of the world Chinese musical instrument competition.

He won the Wenhua award of the 4th Liaoning Provincial Culture and art government award and the Drama Award of the 10th Liaoning Provincial Art Festival.

As the director and screenwriter of the language category of CCTV's comprehensive channel "I love the house".

He was awarded "Top Ten Excellent Teachers of Liaoning University", "outstanding young people of Liaoning University" and "advanced individual of three educations of Liaoning University".

He has published more than ten papers in CSSCI core journals such as Guizhou ethnic studies.

Participate in the social science fund project of Liaoning Province "Research on strengthening the cultivation of music talents in Colleges and universities of Liaoning Province under the background of" double first class "university construction".

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