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YAN Zheng

Date: 2021-06-15    Source: 

Yan Zheng, male, Han nationality, A member of the Communist Party of China.  National

second-class director. master of art degree (drama major).

The courses he taught: audio-visual language, short film creation, film and television director creativity, director theory.

He has published about 15 papers on scriptwriting, directing, TV art and new media operation in academic journals such as The Theoretical Circle and Drama's House.

He has worked in the Literature and Arts Center of Liaoning Radio and Television for 15 years, have successively held the posts of editor, director, producer and deputy director of large program department. Has served as the chief director of language programs of The Spring Festival Gala of LRTV for six times. Served as vice general director and literary coordination of Me and my motherland-Special Program of Liaoning Province to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. Director and producer of TV and film projects such as There is Play in Every House, Dream Music Festival and Dong Bei Feng Yun.

His works have won many awards, such as the "China's Top Award of TV Art "- the" Star Light Award ", the first prize of "The Comment and Analysis of the Spring Festival TV Festival (Spring Festival Gala Award), "the best director award" and the first prize of "Liaoning Radio and Television Award".

Also was awarded "the 10th hundreds of TV, TV artistic merit awards" the first prize, "2014 annual national innovation columns Top ten section award", "2014 the most social influence column award", "the second session of the national excellent TV culture (literature) recommended recognition" award for the best large special programs and so on dozens of national and provincial awards.

Chief creator of TV column works

LRTV Happy Rice Grain, Dream Music Festival, There is Play in Every House, Sunshine Carnival Form a Group to the Spring Festival Gala, Countdown to Spring Festival GalaGood family in China and the like 20 more works.

Producing film and television works

TV series It's All Visitors, The Seven Cantaloupe Brothers, Happy Community, Male Left Female Right Theatrical film The Red Line. The Internet movie Crazy Express, The Fierce Necklace and the like 10 more works.

The main creator of large-scale evening works:

The Spring Festival Gala of LRTV, Me and My Motherland-Special Program of Liaoning Province to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, The Spring Festival Gala of JSBC 2015, Liaoning Province to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Founding of New China Party, 2017 kuailenansheng Shenyang District Finals. A Simple Noodle Story's premiere. 2011 The Closing party of China College Student TV Festival and like 30 more shows.

Lead and create stage productions

Editing and directing

A modern drama Promise, the large-scale live-action performance "Shengjing Memory" and other nearly ten shows;

Spring Festival Gala of LRTV-- skit The Truth Always, To Offer the Compassion, Treasure from the sky, Father I Love You, Happy Village, Spring Gala In The Air and so on.


Planning and practice:

Liaoning industry as "happy family "column drama;


2015 JSBC Spring Festival Gala Xun Tu, Talk Anything Without the Money

, etc.


2009-2020 LRTV Spring Festival Gala -- Comments Eat Noodle, 365 Wishes, I wish you Happiness, Big Star is Coming, The Best Gift, If You Want People Don't Know and like 10 more works.