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LIU Xiangli

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LIU XiangliProfessor at Economic School of Liaoning University


Associate Chair of the International Economic and Trade Department

Research Interests

Theories and Policies of International Trade

Foreign Direct Investment

Regional Economic Integration

Selected Publications


Liu Xiangli, Research on Transaction Costs of International Trade. Economic Science Press2009.

Liu Xiangli, International Business Negotiation(Second Edition). Machinery Industry Press2009.

This Textbook was awarded by the Ministry of Education as “The Eleventh Five-year Plan” National Level Textbook.

Wang Houshuang, Liu Xiangli, International Trade Friction: Research on the Theories, Legal principle, Experiences and Countermeasures. China Press,2008.

This book has won 1 Second Prize of “Provincial Government Prize” ,1 Second Prize of the province Natural Science Scholastic Attainment in 2010.

Published Papers

Liu Xiangli, Wang Houshuang, The Analysis on the Changing Trajectory of Japan’s Trade Dependence on East Asian Countries. JAPANESE STUDIESNo.52014pp.114-133.

Wang Houshuang, Liu Xiangli, Kan Fang, Tang Chun, Research on the Innovation of Construction Pattern of Liaoning Free Trade Zone. Liaoning EconomyNo.92014pp.20-22.

Liu Xiangli, Wang Houshuang, Discuss on the Three Economic Bottlenecks Among ChinaJapan and Korea’s FTA and the Development Tendency. ASIA-PACIFIC ECONOMIC REVIEWNo.12013pp.8-12.

Wang Yanhong,Wang Houshuang, Liu Xiangli, Study on the Goals and Strategies for Shenyang to Improve Developing Environment. No.122013pp. 79-80.

Liu Xiangli, The Changing International Trade Status of Primary Products and Its Influencing Factors.  INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS AND TRADE RESEARCH, No.72010pp.10-14.

Liu Xiangli, Wei Xin, An Empirical Analysis of the Performance of China’s Anti-dumping. CONTEMPORARY FINANCE & ECONOMICS, No.82010pp.104-110.

Zhao Chong,Liu Xiangli, Yu Zuo, The Impact of Industry Structure with FDI Inflows on China’s Export Structure. RESEARCH ON FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC ISSUES, No.72010pp.81-88.

Liu Xiangli, Sun Hongri, Analysis on Japan’s Experience of the Development of  Modern Logistics. Journal of Asian Studies. Asian Studies Center, Liaoning University Press, 2010, pp.87-93.

Liu Xiangli, Positive Analysis on the Influence of Japan’s Manufactured FDI to China on China-Japan’s Manufactured Intra-industry Trade. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADENo.12009pp.67-72.

Liu Xiangli, Determinants of Persistent Trade Surplus of China and Japan’s: A Comparative Analysis. CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIC OF JAPA, No.12009pp.42-46.

Liu Xiangli, Wang Houshuang Empirical Study on Technical Spillover Effects of FDI in Manufacturing Industry in Liaoning Province. JOURNAL OF SHENYANG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION, No.12009pp.1-5.

Liu Xiangli, Wang HoushuangAnalysis of the New Trend of Japan in Dealing with Foreign Trade Conflicts. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS AND TRADE RESEARCH, No.52009pp.15-19.


Outstanding Backbone Young Teacher of Liaoning Province, 2006.

Young-middle Aged Backbone Teacher of Liaoning University, from 2006 to the present.

The First Outstanding Young Teacher Under the Age of 35 of Liaoning University, 2005.