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    Yang Li is a professor at the School of Economics, Liaoning University, Ph.D. in Economics, and the head of the Department of Finance. Li is Ph.D. Advisor of finance. She is the General Director of China Finance Society, General Director of China Regional Finance Academic Annual Conference, Evaluation Expert of the Ministry of Education and Graduate Education Development Center, the Deputy Chairman of the Liaoning Finance Professional Teaching Guidance Committee, Expert of the Chinese Insurance Society Think Tank, Expert reviewer of the Liaoning Association for Science and Technology, Expert reviewer of Shenyang General Academy of Science and Technology. She is a member of the 12th CPPCC of Shenyang City, General Committee Member of the 13th and 14th CPPCC of Shenyang City. March 8th Women Model in Shenyang. She is the Deputy Director of the Shenyang Political Participation Committee of the Jiu San Society, Vice Chairman of the Shenyang Tong Zhan Theory Research Association of the Jiu San Society, and Chairman of the Liaoning University Branch of the Jiu San Society. She is also a Special supervisor of Shenyang City Court, special supervisor of Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, special supervisor of Shenyang Social Pension and Security Center, special supervisor of Shenyang Municipal Finance Bureau.

    Professor Yang Li has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of finance for more than 30 years. She lectures on "Monetary and Banking", "International Finance", "Comparison of Policy Financial Systems in Various Countries", "Financial Supervision Theory and Practice", etc. The course "Money and Banking" she lectured was one of the top-ten rated excellent courses of Liaoning University and the university-wide demonstrative course. In terms of scientific research, she has published 11 books. She published textbooks including "Adjustment and Optimization of China's External Financial Development Strategy", "Monetary and Banking", "General Theory of Finance", "Financial Violations and Regulations Analysis and Prevention Case Studies". She has more than 20 provincial-level funded scientific research projects; published more than 50 national and provincial-level papers. She won more than 20 national and provincial scientific research awards. Because of her outstanding performance in teaching and scientific research, Professor Yang Li has been awarded the "Top Ten Teachers", "Outstanding Undergraduate Teachers", "Model Employee of Dedication", "Model Employee of Scientific Research", and "Students’ Favorite Teacher" multiple times , "Outstanding Female Employee", "Excellent CPPCC Member of Shenyang City", "March 8th Women Model in Huanggu District, Shenyang City", "Model Political Participant in Shenyang City", "Liaoning Jiu San Advanced Individual", "Honored Central Jiu San Society Participant".


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