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HE Jun

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

HE Jun (born in 1972), he is the Ph.D. in Economics, professor and doctoral supervisor of regulation economics in The School of economics, Liaoning University. Besides, he takes many roles, such the deputy director of Liaoning Collaborative Innovation Center, whose main function is to promote the cooperation between the Northeast and the Northeast Asia Region; the director of China Economic Law Seminar; the evaluation expert of Liaoning Award for Academic Achievement in Natural Science. His main research fields include government regulation, and Reform of state-owned enterprises, and revitalization of the Northeast.

Professor He is the author and co-author of 15 works. He also published more than 60 theses in professional academic journal. He has in charged of a national Social and Scientific Fund Program and other 10 provincial-level research projects. He won 3 Liaoning provincial awards for excellence in Philosophy and social science.

Email: hjuz@sina.com