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ZHAO Guizhi

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ZHAO Guizhi, Professor, Dean of Department of Public Finance and TaxationSchool of Economics

Research field: Financial theory and policy; Income distribution; Government debit

Main Publications(Main academic achievements)

1. Graduation thesis and books.

(1)Zhao Guizhi . doctoral dissertation Regulation of Tax on Residents' Income Gap in China , in 2006;  

(2)Zhao Guizhi .monograph Residents' Income Gap and Tax Regulation in China , in 2008;

(3)Zhao Guizhi . postdoctoral research report, Public Finance Regulation Effect on Residents' Income Gap,    in 2009

2.Academic papers.

(1) Zhao Guizhi . An Authentic Analysis of Income Distribution Gap Between Chinese Residents in Urban and Rural Areas, Journal of Liaoning University(Philosophy and Social Science Edition),2007.2

(2) Zhao Guizhi .The Readjustment Effect of the Current Taxation System on Income Distribution Gap among Urban Residents: Measurement and Analysis, Journal of Guizhou College of Finance and Economics, 2008.1

(3) Zhao Guizhi .Research on the Adjustment Effects of China' s Tax System on Income Distribution of Urban Residents, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University(Social Science), 2010.3    

(4) Zhao Guizhi .Measurement and Analysis on Income Distribution Gap among Residents, Journal of Shenyang Normal University(Social Science Edition), 2007.5

(5) Zhao Guizhi .The Adjustment Effect of Public Finance on Residents' Income Gap among Areas, Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 2010.4

(6) Zhao Guizhi .The Role of China's Social Security System in Adjusting the Secondary Distribution of Income China Business and Market, 2010.5

(7) Zhao Guizhi .Characteristic Analysis and Policy Implications of the Regional Income Gap: Based on the Liaoning Case Analysis, Journal of Liaoning UniversityPhilosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2012.5

 (8) Zhao Guizhi .The Financial Impact of Changes in the Income Gap and Policy Implications: Perspective on Liaoning Urban Residents, Economic Problems, 2012.10

(9) Zhao Guizhi .Fiscal Effects on Redistribution of Rural Residents' Income: Multi-dimensional Measure and Comprehensive Evaluation, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University (Social Science), 2012.6

3.Papers in academic conference.

(1)Zhao Guizhi .”Income Regulating Function of Taxation System in China and Financial Crisis: Based on Analysis and Innovation of Residents' Income Gap “was chosen by National Post-doctor Forum in Dec 2009.

(2)Zhao Guizhi .“How China Cope with Middle-Income Trap During Period of Important Strategic Opportunities” was chosen by Liaohai Rostrum in Oct 2011.

(3)Zhao Guizhi .“Adjustment Effect of Public Finance on Rural Residents' Income Gap “was chosen by The Production and Distribution of Wealth: Theories and Policies Home and Abroad seminar and 22th Proceedings of Chinese Society for Study of Economic Law in Apr 2012.

(4)Zhao Guizhi . “Macro-grasp, Micro Considerations and Matching Safeguard Measures of Income Doubling Program “was chosen by Liaohai Rostrum.

(5)Zhao Guizhi, presentation in GMU, Dec 2015 “Income inequality & Tax regulation: A comparative study between the US and China”,

4. Research projects and findings.

(1) Zhao Guizhi .Social Science Fund Plan Projects in Liaoning 2011: Synchronism between Growth of GDP and Residents' Income: Mechanism, Path and Measures (No.L11DJL044)

(2) Zhao Guizhi .Federation of Social Science Project in Liaoning: Ideas and Countermeasures of Improving the Patterns of Individual's Income Distribution in Liaoning during 12th Five-Year Period (No.2011lslktjjx-11)

(3) Zhao Guizhi .The National Social Science Fund Project 2012: Development of Strategic Emerging Industry in Resource-based Region (No.12BJL075)

 (4) Zhao Guizhi .National Statistical Scientific Research (Plan) Project: Identification and Measurement of Regional Poverty, Strategy and Path of Anti-Poverty (No. 2011LZ019)

Academic honor:

(1) Monograph: “Residents' Income Gap and Tax Regulation in China” was awarded for Liaoning province social science outstanding achievement prize, The Third prize, Aug 2010

(2)Academic paper: “Measurement and evaluation on China’s Intergovernmental Transfer Payment System Equalization Effect ” was awarded for Liaoning province social science outstanding achievement prize, The Second  prize, Jan 2016

Email: guizhizhao@lnu.edu.cn