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​LIU Zhizhong

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LIU Zhizhongassociate professor

Postion: Director of the center for international economic cooperation

Research and ExpertiseInternational trade

Scholarly Publications

1.Research on the Construction of China and Central Asia Free Trade Area under the Background of “New Silk Road”, Northeast Asia Forum,No.1.2014.

2.Reconstruction of rules on international trade and the promotion of China's power, Modern Economic Research,No.5.2016.

3.Empirical Study on the home market effects of trade in services between US and China,Inquiry into Economic Issues,No.7.2015.

4.Study on the development of cross-border e-commerce in the new normal of foreign trade, Modern Economic Research,No.12.2015.

5.The Impact of US,EU and Russia’s Sanction War on Chinese Economy, Theory Journal, No.2.2015.

6. Research on the Capital Accumulation Effect of China's Service Industry Using FDI, Journal of International Trade, No.9, 2010.

7. Research on the economic growth effects of Liaoning using FDI in services, Social Science Journal, No.2, 2010.

8.Research on the Employment Effect of China's Service Industry Using FDI, Technoeconomics & Management Research, No.1, 2011.

9.Research on Upgrade of Industrial Structure in Liaoning under the Background of international transfer in services, Journal of Industrial Technological Economics, No.6, 2010.

10. Economic Effects of Liaoning undertaking the outsourcing of Software, Economic Herald, No.6, 2010.

11.Research on the Technology Spillover Effect of Direct Investment from Japan in China, Jiangsu Commercial Forum, No.11, 2010.

12.Empirical Study on the Contribution of Liaoning using FDI in Services to Economic Growth, Journal of Liaoning University, No.1, 2010

13.Research on Countermeasure of Liaoning Speeding up Opening up in Service Industry, Journal of Liaoning University, No.3, 2008

Academic honors

The talent of “Millions of projects” of Liaoning Province

Outstanding young scholars of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education

Outstanding young teachers of Liaoning University