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JIA Zhanhua

Date: 2021-06-08    Source: 

School of Economics, Liaoning University (Shenyang)


2020/09, Lecturer in National Economic Management Department, School of Economics, Liaoning University.

2020/06, Zhanhua Jia obtained her PhD in economics at Northeast Normal University (with Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, President Scholarship), BS in Geography at Jiangxi Normal University (with Outstanding Graduate), 2014/06. 2018/09-2019/09, as a Visiting Scholar, she went to Economics Division, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Research Interests

Digital Economy, Regional Economic Resilience and Growth Effect of Economic Structure

Selected Publications

1.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu. Is local government intervention effective in promoting the TFP of an old industrial area? A spatial econometric analysis of Northeast China. The Singapore Economic Review2021, 66.SSCI

2.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu. Temporal-Spatial Evolution Characteristics and Its Influence Factors about Population Distribution in Northeast China. Economic Geography, 2016, 36(12): 60-68. (CSSCI)

3.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu. The Evaluation of Imbalance of Economic Structure and Its Influence on Economic Growth: Based on the Spatial Econometric Model. Scientia Geographica Sinica, 2019,39(04):636-643. (CSSCI)

4.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu. Urban livability and influencing factors in Northeast China: An empirical study based on panel data, 2007-2014. Progress in Geography, 2017, 36(07): 832-842. (CSSCI)

5.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu.Study on the Growth Effect of Economic Structure in Northeast China Based on the Perspective of Spatial Econometrics. Inquiry into Economic Issues. 2019(01):97-105. (CSSCI)

6.        Zhanhua Jia, Guofeng Gu. Does Economic Structure Imbalance Restrict Economic Growth in Northeast China? Based on the Structure Equation Modeling. Economic Survey, 2019,36(06):1-8. (CSSCI)

Major Projects

1.        Study on the Time-space Effect of Opening up in Liaoning Province under the background of " One Body Two Wings ", Social Science Planning Foundation of Liaoning Province Project, 2020-2023, Project Leader.

2.        Study on the Growth Effect of Economic Structure and its Mechanism in Northeast China from the Perspective of Spatial Econometrics, National Social Science Foundation of China Project, 2016-2020, Project participant.