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LIU Qingrui

Date: 2021-06-08    Source: 

Qingrui Liu is a professor of the School of economics, Liaoning University, where he has taught since 1988. Now he is a doctoral tutor of Applied Economics/National Economics in Liaoning  University. The main research directions include: National Economics, Public Economics, Welfare Economics, Digital Economics and Artificial Intelligence economics. He is one of the first batch of distinguished professors in Liaoning Province and a leading talent of philosophy and Social Sciences in Liaoning  Province.

Qingrui Liu is an expert in national economics, public administration and social security. He has published more than 80 articles in academic journals such as China Population Science and Population Research etc., including population employment, social security, poverty alleviation policy and household economics. He has taken charge of three national social science fund projects; As the chief expert, he undertook and completed the major project of national social science fund projects——research on the coordinated development of urban and rural social security system. His books include Research on the Appropriate Level of China's Pension Replacement Rate (Liaoning University Press 2004), Research on Key Issues of Chinese Pension System Reform (with Professor Huaizhong Mu, China Labor and social security press 2006), Research on the Integration of Urban and Rural Social Security System in Northeast Old Industrial Base (Economic Science Press 2011), and Research on the Coordinated Development of Urban and Rural Social Security System (Liaoning University Press 2020). He won the first prize of Liaoning Provincial Government Award (Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievement Award) twice.