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LI Weimin

Date: 2023-12-20    Source: 


Li Weimin currently serves as a professor at the School of Economics at Liaoning University and is a PhD supervisor specializing in Regional Economics. Over the past decade, he has consistently employed systematic thinking and the Education - Research – Innovation (ERI) knowledge triangle model, resulting in a series of notable achievements.


In the realm of Education, Professor Li established the Smart Economy Laboratory at Liaoning University in 2013 and took on the role of executive director. With the aim of fostering China's sustainable development and nurturing a creative class capable of shaping China's future, he initiated the CFCC (China Future Creative Class) program in 2014. This program sought to create an international innovation and entrepreneurship talent development model encompassing "Curriculum + Fieldtrip + Competition + Conference" (CFCC). Since 2014, more than 1000 students have been selected for short-term studies at prestigious institutions such as Cambridge, Stanford, and Harvard. In 2017, he founded the Liaoning Overseas Practice Education Base at St John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge. Additionally, for nine consecutive years since 2014, Professor Li has organized the CFCC Smart Economy Competition at regional, national, and international levels, involving over 60,000 university students from across the globe. Starting in 2017, he has also initiated and hosted the "Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference" (EIEC) and the "Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Conference" (CIEC) for seven consecutive years, featuring more than 100 experts and scholars as speakers. For his outstanding contributions, he has received recognition as an exceptional undergraduate teacher, an outstanding experimental teacher from Liaoning University, an outstanding teaching award from Liaoning Province, and a national innovation and entrepreneurship mentor accolade from the Ministry of Education of China.


In the domain of Research, Professor Li founded the CFCC Institute at Liaoning University in 2013 and established the CFCC Cambridge Academy at St John’s Innovation Centre in 2017. His research interests encompass four main directions: regional innovation and financial innovation, sustainable development from environmental, economic, and social perspectives, as well as the history of Cambridge economic thought. He excels in employing interdisciplinary research theories and methods drawn from economics, sociology, history, and anthropology to elucidate real-world issues and offer practical solutions. His academic portfolio boasts over 30 published articles in both international and domestic high-level academic journals. He has also taken charge of more than 10 international, national, and provincial research projects and authored two personal monographs.


Concerning Innovation, Professor Li has championed the ABC (Academy-Business-Community) theory, advocating for the transformation of knowledge into productivity. He has played a pivotal role in various market-oriented research institutions and science and technology service projects. His extensive experience in implementing scientific and technological innovation projects is evident through strategic cooperation agreements with institutions such as St John's Innovation Center in Cambridge, Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone, Silver Capital, and ET Capital. These agreements aim to jointly establish the "Cambridge Innovation Park in Guangzhou, China" and a strategic cooperation agreement with Hanhua Financial Holdings, a listed company, to collaboratively build a financial ecological town on Baisha Island in the Shenfu Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone. Furthermore, he serves as the part-time executive director of the institute and has created an industrial innovation system known as "Global Pipeline-Local Buzzy," integrating international government, industry, and academic resources and linking the talent chain, technology chain, and capital chain.



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