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SUN Yana

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 Dr. Sun Yana

Professor of Liaoning University, Ph.D. in economics of Liaoning University, Visiting scholar of Hitotsubashi University Japan


Research focus: international direct investment and multinational corporate management, social security management.


Representative Presided Projects: have presided and participated in more than 30 projects

1. “Optimization of Rural Social Endowment Insurance System" Funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China,2013.

2. "Research on Dynamic and Appropriate Payment Level of New Rural Endowment Insurance" Funded by the Ministry of education of the People's Republic of China,2011.

3. “Accurate Identification and Collaborative Governance of Relative Poverty in China after 2020” Funded by National Office for Philosophy and Social Science of China,2018.

4. “Study on Liaoning's Aging Population Fiscal Policy” Funded by Liaoning Social Science Fund,2012.

5. “Countermeasures For the Interactive Development of Modern Service Industry and Industrial Base in Liaoning Province -- Study on the Path of Undertaking International Service Outsourcing and Industrial Structure Upgrading” Funded by Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, 2011.


Representative Papers: have published more than 40 papers

1. Sun Yana, Bian Shu, A study on the joint-stock corporate governance in the "post-privatization" period in Russia,2004, Foreign Economy and Management, Reprinted by the world economic guide published by the information center of books and newspapers of Renmin university of China,2004.

2. Sun Yana, Wang Chengxin, Research on the financial payment capacity of rural residents based on the minimum pension level,2011, Population and Development, Reprinted by the finance and taxation published by the information center of books and newspapers of Renmin university of China,2012.

  3. Sun Yana, Bian Shu, Mu Huaizhong, Analysis on the optimal enterprise contribution rate of pension insurance with industry income difference,2009, Population and Economy.

4. Sun Yana, Wang Chengxin, Wang Yue, Appropriateness analysis of the payment level of the new rural endowment insurance system,2011, Population and Economy.

5. Sun Yana, An Man, Study on the optimal contribution rate of China's endowment insurance -- based on the analysis of industry income differences,2010, Social Science Journal.


Representative Books:

1. Sun Yana, 2009, Foreign Direct Investment and China's Economic Growth - Research Based on Technology Spillover Effect, Economy and Management Publishing House, Beijing 1st Edition, was selected into China Economic Yearbook 2010 compiled by Chinese Academy of social sciences.

2. Sun Yana, Wang Chengxin, Bian Shu, 2017, Research on the Optimization of Rural Social Endowment Insurance System -- Based on the Perspective of Pension and Financial Dynamics, Economy and Management Publishing House, Beijing 1st Edition.


Teaching Courses:

Microeconomics, business statistics, managerial economics, business decision-making technology, e-commerce, statistical analysis software SAS, etc.